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Software-as-a-Service is unAmerican

Is SaaS hurting the economy? Well…the actual title of the ComputerWorld blog posting by Mark Everett Hall is “How SaaS hurts a fragile IT economy” but there is no doubt that Mark is labeling me as a traitor.  I’m one … Continued
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Are you hiring?

Well, you should be! I know these are the craziest economic times that we’ve seen in generations.  Even Toyota is going to report an operating loss this year for the first time in 70 years.
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The Quarter of the Catalog

Catalog Integration with b2b2dot0 While we’re constantly working on improving our service, we like to have at least one major theme to focus on per quarter.  The fourth quarter of 2008 was designated the “Catalog Quarter“.
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What do lawns, humans, fabrics, and SAP all have in common?

Give up? They’re all going to be better off thanks to grants from NCIDEA.
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