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Automotive E-commerce Solutions | Integrated to SAP | Corevist

Dealers & distributors want to buy online.

Whether you’re selling vehicles to dealers or OEM parts to distributors, your buyers prefer to do business through eCommerce.

This trend is only increasing. Among B2B purchasing agents, 38% of Millennials—the largest proportion—would rather buy directly from a manufacturer through self-service.

With COVID-19 disrupting traditional sales models, there’s no better time to give dealers & distributors a robust automotive eCommerce experience.

Yet most automotive eCommerce solutions come up short.

Without direct, real-time SAP ERP integration, an eCommerce platform can’t give your dealers & distributors the personalized experiences they need. They’ll have to call Customer Service to get accurate contract pricing, real-time inventory availability, and more.

What if you could launch automotive eCommerce that delivers 100% accurate, fully personalized experiences for every dealer & distributor?

Automotive eCommerce | Amazon and eBay undercut your sales | Corevist

Welcome to Corevist Automotive eCommerce.


Corevist Automotive eCommerce offers the SAP-integrated, branded web store which manufacturers need to delight dealers and distributors.

Whether you’re selling vehicles, OEM parts, or everything in between, your customers get:

  • Clickable exploded diagrams from our partner, ARI
  • Real-time, personalized data from your SAP ERP system
  • Instant order posting to SAP
  • And much more

Every step of the automotive
eCommerce journey covered:


Corevist Automotive eCommerce makes it easy to buy the right parts online. Once the user clicks “add to cart” from the diagram, they check out through Corevist’s SAP-integrated shopping cart, with all personalized pricing and business rules enforced.

Users can also pay down invoices, track orders, and manage their accounts through self-service—all with direct, real-time SAP integration for 100% accurate data and transactions.

Benefits of Corevist
Automotive eCommerce:

✔ Leverage your SAP data in auto eCommerce


Our real-time SAP integration brings the power of personalization to your auto parts eCommerce solution.

✔ Simplify the parts buying experience


Leverage ARI’s best-in-class technology to create an intuitive, visual parts buying experience.

✔ Gain efficiency in your OTC cycle


Direct SAP integration eliminates wasteful manual processes for order entry & correction.

Get crucial features in
automotive eCommerce

Corevist delivers mission-critical features
through real-time SAP ERP integration:


Automotive eCommerce with real-time inventory data | Corevist

Real-time, personalized inventory

Without real-time inventory data for auto parts, the eCommerce solution can’t give your buyers the confidence they need to pull the trigger. This is why Corevist pulls live, personalized inventory/ATP calculations for each customer, straight from SAP.

Automotive eCommerce with 100% accurate, personalized pricing | Corevist

Dynamic, personalized contract pricing

If you have negotiated contract pricing with each customer, then your automotive eCommerce solution needs to deliver that level of personalization. It’s nearly impossible without direct, real-time SAP integration—which is why Corevist includes your SAP pricing data OOTB.

Automotive eCommerce Solutions | 100% error-free posting to SAP | Corevist

Error-free order posting to your SAP ERP system

Don’t make your auto parts buyers jump through hoops in eCommerce. Corevist’s intelligent error messaging, driven by your SAP business rules, helps customers create well-formed orders. No more order errors or manual follow-ups required.

Automotive eCommerce Solutions with self-service e-payments

Self-service payments integrated to SAP ERP

If your buyers can place orders online, it stands to reason that they need the ability to pay off invoices. After all, no one wants to go on credit block. That’s why Corevist provides real-time credit status from SAP, plus digital payments via credit/debit, ACH, eCheck, & more.

Automotive eCommerce solutions with omnichannel order tracking | Corevist

Full order tracking and order history from SAP ERP

An automotive eCommerce solution should go beyond the simple transaction. Your buyers need the ability to manage their accounts and track orders from all channels, not just eCommerce. That’s why Corevist provides full order history & tracking, straight from SAP.

That’s just the beginning.


Want to see more automotive eCommerce features?
Check out Corevist’s 49 prebuilt, configurable SAP integration points:

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Automotive eCommerce Solutions | Real-time ERP integration | Corevist, Inc.

How are we different?

Automotive eCommerce with More Efficient Backend Processes | Corevist

Glad you asked.

Only Corevist Automotive eCommerce replaces an existing manual workflow in your OTC cycle. Whether you already have an auto eCommerce solution, or you’re planning your first project, Corevist offers net efficiency gains which you won’t find on any other architecture:

  • Don’t have a platform? Corevist replaces manual order entry from phone/fax/email.
  • Got a standalone solution? Corevist eliminates manual rekeying of orders into SAP.
  • Got a middleware solution? Corevist eliminates the cost and risk of middleware-based architecture.

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