The Corevist Difference


✔ We optimize your OTC process

Other solutions don’t replace internal processes—they just sit on top of them.

Only Corevist replaces an existing process in your OTC cycle, no matter what situation you’re in:

  • Don’t have a platform? Our built-in, direct integration eliminates the cost of phone/fax/email order entry.
  • Got a platform, no integration? Our OOTB integration eliminates the cost of rekeying eCommerce orders.
  • Got a platform + middleware? Our prebuilt integration eliminates the cost of full-time developers + middleware maintaining your web channel.

✔ You work with a single vendor

There’s no need to coordinate multiple
vendors (or strain your IT department).


✔ We launch in 90 days


We integrate our solution to your SAP ERP system on day 1. In fact, we’re 80% done at that point. We spend the rest of the implementation tailoring our SaaS solution to the unique needs of your customers and internal users.

✔ We keep SAP at the core

We have 53 direct integration points with SAP. This keeps SAP as the sole system of record for your business data, and it creates the personalized B2B user experience which your customers need to complete transactions online.

✔ We focus 100% on SAP customers

Other vendors may list SAP ERP integration among many competencies—but SAP is its own beast which requires deep focus to master. This is why we focus exclusively on SAP ERP. Because our business is entirely predicated on SAP ERP, we have to be the best in the world at SAP-integrated eCommerce. This demonstrates our commitment to your needs as an SAP customer.

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