The challenge

Oregon Tool, a manufacturer of forestry and agricultural equipment, needed to transform their customer experience. Their competitors already offered B2B customer portals, and Oregon Tool was lagging behind. For both order placement and post-order care, inefficient channels like phone, fax, and email were driving up the cost of doing business with dealers and distributors.

Oregon Tool’s executives knew they had an issue. They declared it a strategic priority to launch a series of B2B portals for dealers and distributors around the globe.

Barry Brunetto, VP IT, had all the data and logic he needed in SAP ERP to govern customer interaction in a portal. The challenge was to find a solution that would integrate seamlessly with SAP for true self-service and no additional IT burden.

The solution

Barry chose Corevist Order Tracking to bring self-service to his US dealers and distributors. In his first rollout on Corevist Commerce Cloud, Barry empowered customers to track orders and invoices online through our real-time SAP integration and fast-loading interface.

Corevist Commerce Cloud empowered Barry to expand his functionality by upgrading to add online ordering. In the next rollout, in the EU, Barry brought order placement capabilities to his customer portal. Then he upgraded his US portal with online ordering as well, ending Oregon Tool’s dependence on phone, fax, and email orders.

But Oregon Tool still wasn’t finished. With full-service B2B portals in place for US and EU distributors, the company expanded their global footprint by launching Corevist Commerce Cloud in Brazil, Russia, and many other business areas. With many wins under their belt, they upgraded to full Corevist functionality for robust, global B2B eCommerce.

The key? Barry did it all on Corevist Commerce Cloud. He found the entry point he needed and defined his path forward.

“Our feedback has been extremely positive. Our CSRs are finding that many of the phone and email inquiries that they would have dealt with in the past are now happily being handled by our customers themselves.”  —Barry Brunetto, VP IT


Corevist Order Tracking

The Essential Self-Service Customer Portal.

Give your customers a B2B portal that answers every question.

   Where’s my order?
   Did my quote get approved?
   Where’s that shipment?
   Did we pay our last invoice?

Self-service will transform your operations. Customers will love doing business with you, and you’ll give your teams more bandwidth.

You can get Corevist Order Tracking in 30 days. Since the Corevist Order Tracking is a managed solution with prebuilt SAP integration, your IT team can rest easy—both during the project, and after Go Live.

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