B2B eCommerce built for your ERP

The Corevist Platform leverages your SAP ERP business rules for B2B eCommerce. Scale fast, minimize data duplication, and create flawless personalization.

Customers won’t use B2B eCommerce without accurate personalization.

They need things like real-time inventory, correct contract pricing, and real-time credit status if they’re going to place orders through B2B eCommerce.

Yet this information lives in the ERP — and most leading B2B eCommerce platforms struggle to support comprehensive ERP integration. They simply weren’t designed with the ERP as the single source of truth.

Without real-time personalized data from the ERP, customers will have to call or email to place orders. This creates a bad customer experience and drives up your cost to serve.

Welcome to Corevist B2B eCommerce.

Corevist B2B eCommerce leverages your ERP data directly, in real time. Every user automatically gets an up-to-date, personalized experience — no batch updates or manual maintenance required. Because our managed B2B eCommerce platform includes prebuilt ERP integration, you can launch in 180 days.

Why Corevist?

Our managed, integrated platform offers a unique approach to B2B eCommerce.

✓ Day One Integrated. Our solutions include prebuilt, configurable ERP integration that delivers the personalization your customers need.

✓ Launch it tomorrow. Our unique project methodology puts the voice of the customer front and center in defining your B2B eCommerce solution.

✓ We’ve got your back. We manage your B2B eCommerce solution for you, including ERP integration, hosting, support, and growth consulting. We are your trusted advisors.

Without ERP integration, B2B eCommerce will drive up your cost of doing business.

Need to reduce the burden on your customer service staff? Then you’ll need a B2B eCommerce platform with comprehensive ERP integration. If customers can’t place orders will all personalized business rules enforced — and if they can’t see real-time order status, history, invoices, and credit status — then they’ll have to call customer service. At that point, your B2B platform isn’t serving you well. It’s driving up costs and creating a bad customer experience.

That’s why Corevist B2B eCommerce includes deep, prebuilt ERP integration. It’s how our platform delivers total personalization to every user, empowering them to place orders, track orders and pay invoices without picking up the phone.

  • Real-time price and availability driven by ERP logic
  • Instant order posting from B2B eCommerce to the ERP (error-free)
  • Real-time ERP status and history for orders, shipments, invoices, and credit standing
  • Self-service invoice payments via ACH, credit/debit card, eCheck, and more (with real-time account clearing in the ERP)

See our unique B2B eCommerce features

Our platform includes comprehensive, prebuilt ERP integration
that drives customer personalization and B2B user experience.

Pricing and Inventory

Dynamic ERP Reports

Self-Service Tracking

Users and Translations

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We analyze platforms based on two criteria:

  • Your company’s total annual revenue (as an indicator of available resources)
  • The depth of ERP integration you need with your B2B eCommerce platform

Why is ERP integration critical
for B2B eCommerce platforms?

Lack of ERP integration creates a bad customer experience.

We’ve spoken to many manufacturers who’ve launched B2B eCommerce without ERP integration. They found a platform with an attractive look and feel, but the solution couldn’t possibly integrate with the ERP in real time. Third-party vendors promised integration, but it never happened. Now customers have abandoned the B2B eCommerce solution.

If your company is in this situation, it’s time to do something. Frustrated customers will keep calling customer service for routine questions and tasks. That increases your cost of doing business. If you’re going to win in the B2B eCommerce game, you need a solution that includes ERP integration from the very beginning.

A B2B eCommerce platform that customers will actually use.

In the age of Amazon, your customers have learned to expect a great experience on any digital platform. They’ll turn to the competition if your B2B eCommerce solution doesn’t offer 100% accurate, personalized information from the ERP.

Customers need a B2B eCommerce solution that reflects their personalized pricing and inventory availability in real time. When they place the order in B2B eCommerce, it should post to the ERP immediately so they feel confident they’ve claimed the inventory they need.

Customers also need real-time ERP data for orders, invoices, and shipments. They need the ability to pay off invoices through self-service to keep their accounts in good standing. All of these capabilities live in the ERP — which means your B2B eCommerce solution requires deep ERP integration.

We’ll show you the secret to “sticky” B2B eCommerce solutions.

Buyers won’t come back to your B2B eCommerce solution if it makes life harder. If they still have to call customer service to place orders and get answers to their questions, then the solution is letting them down.

This means you need a B2B eCommerce platform that can display real-time account data for every customer, including pricing, inventory, personalized B2B eCommerce catalogs, credit status, invoice status, and order history. If B2B eCommerce doesn’t provide these things, customers will still call customer service to do business with you. This increases costs and leaves your B2B eCommerce solution useless.

See the power of Corevist B2B eCommerce.

  • Agricultural and forestry equipment manufacturer
  • 1001-5000 employees
  • Needed scalable B2B eCommerce solution with ERP integration
  • IT staff already at capacity

Oregon Tool needed launch a B2B eCommerce solution with ERP integration. They also needed to scale globally on the same architecture without adding any additional IT resources making duplicate investments in architecture.

Corevist B2B eCommerce was the ideal fit, empowering Oregon Tool to grow digital revenue 325%.

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