B2B eCommerce That’s Built For Chemicals


Not every B2B platform can handle the complexities of chemical sales.

Learn how Corevist’s deep SAP integration delivers the web experience that chemical manufacturers need.

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Conventional B2B eCommerce Solutions Don't Work For Manufacturers | Corevist, Inc.

Chemical buyers are begging for eCommerce.

Yet conventional B2B platforms don’t have great answers for chemical manufacturers. Regulatory compliance and complex pricing may require custom work in a platform that wasn’t built for the chemical industry.

If you’ve already defined that complexity in SAP ERP, rebuilding it in eCommerce (and syncing it with SAP) is a formidable challenge. Down the road, it can lead to crippling technical debt.

What if you could launch chemical eCommerce with deep SAP integration included?

You’ve already invested in SAP to define the complex business rules that govern chemical sales. Imagine launching a solution that automatically enforces all relevant SAP logic for each customer, at every stage of the buying cycle. Your customers and internal users would get:

  • An online buying experience that automatically conforms to your business processes defined in SAP
  • 100% accurate personalization through deep SAP integration
  • Self-service account management for order status, shipment tracking, invoice history, and payments

B2B eCommerce Platform for Chemicals | SAP integration included | Corevist, Inc.

Welcome to Corevist Commerce.

Our deep SAP integration empowers you to sell chemicals online.

With all SAP business rules enforced for material availability and permissions, regulatory compliance, and customer-specific pricing, our platform takes out the risk and complexity that you’ll find with other providers. Our managed solution launches in 90 days without the need to coordinate multiple vendors—and it’s flexible enough for customers and internal users.

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Corevist Commerce | Market-leading SAP integration included | Corevist, Inc.

Why Corevist?


Corevist Commerce | Prebuilt, real-time SAP integration included | Corevist, Inc.

You won’t find our approach to chemical eCommerce anywhere else.

✓ Day One Integrated. Our deep, prebuilt SAP integration ensures that your eCommerce experience mirrors the logic you’ve defined in SAP.

✓ Launch it tomorrow. Because we’ve already built the integration, we spend the project period refining your unique chemical eCommerce solution with feedback from your customers.

✓ We’ve got your back. As a managed solution provider, we handle implementation, integration, hosting, support, and growth consulting. We’re here for the long haul.

Chemical companies are winning with Corevist Commerce.


  • Chemicals, adhesives, and technology manufacturer
  • 1001-5000 employees
  • Annual revenue >$1B
  • Needed chemical eCommerce with SAP at the core

LORD Corporation needed a B2B platform to sell chemicals, adhesives, and technology to their channel partners. They wanted to keep all critical business data in SAP—without any duplication or synchronization between SAP and eCommerce.

Corevist’s real-time SAP integration was the key. Learn how we delivered 41.5% revenue growth.


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Get critical features for chemical eCommerce

All driven by real-time SAP data and logic


Personalized Catalogs


Price and Availability


Error-Free Order Posting


Self-Serve Account Management


Dynamic SAP Reports


Users and Translations



Want more details?

Corevist adapts to every B2B use case.


Check out our full feature chart for more information.

Why does chemical eCommerce require SAP integration?

Chemical buyers won’t use eCommerce without it.

Too many chemical manufacturers have launched eCommerce and failed. One thread runs through all their stories: While their first B2B eCommerce partner promised the moon, the solution couldn’t possibly honor the complexity of their SAP business rules.

Customers and internal users took note of this problem. Without assurance of regulatory compliance, personalized pricing, or real-time inventory availability, eCommerce just didn’t work—so people stopped using it.

Whether you’re in this position, or you’ve never launched eCommerce, it’s time to take action. You need a chemical eCommerce solution that honors your SAP business rules automatically through deep, real-time integration.

B2B eCommerce that’s actually built for chemical buyers.

If your customers and internal users can’t trust your eCommerce solution, they won’t use it. So what do your chemical buyers actually need in eCommerce?

They need personalized picklists that offer only the materials they’re allowed to buy. They need 100% error-free order placement through self-service. They also need real-time access to order status and history, shipment tracking, invoices, and credit status. Depending on your business processes, they may need the ability to pay off invoices online. Since all this data and logic lives in SAP ERP, you’ll need deep, real-time SAP integration to provide it in eCommerce.

This is why we built Corevist Commerce.

Chemical eCommerce that’s built to be “sticky.”

Corevist solves the adoption problem once and for all. Our solution gives your chemical buyers (and internal users) everything they need to make the permanent switch to eCommerce.

  • 100% error-free order placement (because Corevist enforces all your SAP business rules)
  • Easy reordering (including support for create-with-reference in SAP)
  • 100% accurate data for personalized pricing and inventory availability
  • Easy self-service account management for orders, shipments, and invoices

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