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B2B eCommerce and customer portals for manufacturers.
Prebuilt SAP integration included.

For S/4HANA and ECC

Corevist Solutions | Real-time SAP integration included

Manufacturers face two obstacles to success in digital commerce.

  • Technical complexity. Integration to SAP is incredibly challenging, yet manufacturers desperately need it to provide personalization and ensure data integrity.
  • Lack of dedicated, expert resources. IT departments are too busy to take on customer portals or B2B eCommerce, and coordinating multiple third party vendors increases the risk of technical failure.

Corevist solves both problems.

Every Corevist solution includes our prebuilt, SAP-certified ERP integration. Each user gets a personalized experience driven by their SAP business rules and data, and SAP remains the system of record for that data.

But we don’t stop with the integration. We also manage the solution for you. With deep domain expertise in SAP, we integrate, implement, host, and support our products so you can focus on running your business.

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Corevist Order Tracking

For customers and customer service reps

Account management capabilities:

Order status for all orders in SAP

Order status for all orders

Shipment status and notifications

Tracking numbers

Order confirmation from SAP

Month-end statement

View open items

View open invoices

User account privileges

Multiple user roles

Multiple ship-to/sold-to relationships supported

Real-time credit status

Dynamic reports pulled from SAP in real time

Payment capabilities:

[OPT] Pay off invoices online through any modern payment method


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Corevist Commerce

For customers, sales, and customer service reps

Account management capabilities:
Everything included in Corevist Order Tracking, PLUS:

Payment capabilities:

[OPT] Pay off invoices online through any modern payment method

[OPT] Pay for order at checkout

B2B eCommerce capabilities:

Rich media for products

Personalized catalog for browsing

Product comparison, reviews, and search

Real-time personalized pricing from SAP

Real-time personalized ATP (inventory) from SAP

Personalized discounts and promotions

Order placement with SAP business rules enforced

Multiple ship-to/sold-to relationships supported

[OPT] BuyBot posting email orders to SAP

[OPT] Interactive product configurator

[OPT] Exploded parts diagrams


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