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The Complexities Of Migrating From Magento to Hybris

Migrating off Magento onto hybris Things change fast in B2B ecommerce, so it’s understandable that CIOs and business leaders might find themselves evaluating their existing solutions. For manufacturers that are running Magento for B2B ecommerce, the question of migrating off … Continued
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Nail Your New Product Launch With A New Web Channel

New Product + New Web Channel If you’re thinking of launching a new B2B product line through a new web channel, you’re not alone. We’ve helped several manufacturers take this approach, and we recommend it wholeheartedly. It forces you to … Continued
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Personalized Pick Lists In SAP Ecommerce

Personalized Product Lists in SAP Ecommerce In 11 years of implementing SAP ecommerce, one lesson stands out for us: the fact that every client’s business is unique. This stood out for us recently when a client needed the capacity to … Continued
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5 Questions To Ask Before Starting An SAP Ecommerce Initiative

5 Questions For SAP Ecommerce In a recent tweet, CIO thought leader Isaac Sacolick listed 5 questions to ask before starting a machine learning proof of concept (with 5 more questions on his blog). While Isaac was talking about machine … Continued
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