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Ecommerce Is A Product–And It Needs An Owner

Defining Your Ecommerce Product Owner If you’re an industrial manufacturer, you have a clear-cut line of products. But one of your most important products doesn’t have an SKU defined in SAP. It’s your customer experience. Your customer experience can differentiate … Continued
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Top 6 Things B2B Buyers Want (Yes, You CAN Provide Them)

“What do B2B buyers want?” Manufacturers all over the world are asking this question. While every market is different, one thing is certain—B2B buyers have certain needs in common, regardless of the industry, and they’re making those needs felt across … Continued
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Ecommerce Proof of Concept: What You Need to Know

Basics of a Smart Proof of Concept It’s no secret that B2B ecommerce can be difficult to sell across a large organization. One path forward, as Practical Ecommerce recently suggested, is a simple proof-of-concept (POC) without SAP integration. The idea … Continued
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4 Symptoms of Ecommerce-itis (The Cure: Integrate Magento & SAP)

Signs it’s time to integrate Magento & SAP Change is difficult in large, multinational organizations. When it comes to ecommerce for SAP, many companies end up with a first (or third) foray into ecommerce that simply doesn’t work out. There … Continued
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