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SaaS Or On-Premises For Your B2B Customer Portal?

We’re all familiar with the SaaS vs. on-premises debate. The internet is bursting with articles that explain the benefits and drawbacks of each model. But what does all this mean for your B2B customer portal? More importantly, does a customer … Continued
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State Of B2B eCommerce: 3 Key Insights From Australian Survey

What’s happening in B2B eCommerce as the pandemic approaches its second birthday? To answer this question, the Australian B2B eCommerce Association recently conducted a survey of 400 B2B buyers and sellers. Responses were quite revealing, with strong takeaways for manufacturers … Continued
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Top 3 Weaknesses Of Conventional B2B Portals

Originally published Jan 17, 2019. Refreshed Nov 30, 2021. In a fascinating infographic, Digitalcommerce360 highlights the top 3 areas in which B2B sellers are trying to improve their offerings in eCommerce and customer portals. The infographic draws on data from … Continued
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6 Keys To Launching A Great B2B Invoice Portal

If COVID taught us one thing, it’s this: Customers don’t just want self-service. They actually need it. This has become painfully clear for manufacturers. With staffing challenges affecting A/R processes, it’s become impossible to offer the level of customer service … Continued
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