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The 4 Facets of SAP Digital Transformation

SAP Digital Transformation: Mapping Your Journey What does SAP digital transformation look like? How should you approach this next phase in the life of your business? If you’re starting at square 1, the prospect of digital transformation is a bit … Continued
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Straight Talk: Integrating Magento With Your ERP

Integrating ERP & Magento If you’ve been around the Magento ecosystem for any length of time, you’ve probably heard a few horror stories about Magento ERP integrations—or even encountered a few of these projects yourself. The difficulty of ERP integration … Continued
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16 B2B Ecommerce Trends Coming In 2019

Key Trends in B2B E-commerce As of this writing, Forrester has predicted the B2B ecommerce market will break the $1 trillion threshold by the end of 2018, a year earlier than Forrester originally predicted. Countless B2B ecommerce trends are driving … Continued
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Capturing Revenue Without Forcing Customers To Use EDI

Ecommerce & EDI: Finding The Right Mix For manufacturers looking at launching an SAP ecommerce solution, one question often comes up: “How does EDI fit into this picture?” The simple answer is, EDI and ecommerce can easily coexist. The nuanced … Continued
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