The challenge

LORD Corporation, a leading technology and manufacturing company, needed to replace an on-premises B2B portal. The old solution ran on SAP ISA, which had become end-of-life, and LORD needed to move fast. The company’s distributors enjoyed a great customer experience through SAP integration, so at a minimum, LORD needed to replicate all the functionality they already had. If they could find a cloud-based solution, they would have a real win.

Jane Mascia, Senior Staff Business Process Analyst, had all the data that LORD’s distributors needed in SAP ERP. She wanted to keep everything in the ERP as much as possible to avoid technical debt. The challenge was to find a B2B portal solution that integrated with SAP for a great customer experience and a harmonious data landscape.

The solution

LORD Corporation chose Corevist Commerce Cloud to replace their B2B portal. Since Corevist Commerce Cloud includes prebuilt, configurable SAP integration, LORD kept everything where it belonged—in SAP. The deep integration also gives distributors the personalized B2B experiences they need, with accurate products, pricing, and inventory—plus full order and invoice tracking (and history).

Just a few weeks after launching, LORD was processing over $1.2M per week through Corevist. Customers are praising the solution and placing bigger orders than ever with the easy bulk upload feature. For both LORD Corporation and their distributors, Corevist has been a huge win.

“Corevist aligned with us on several different levels. Their SAP integration philosophy matched ours. They had the feature set and implementation timeframe we needed. And their sales people were easier to work with than the other vendors we evaluated.”

—Jane Mascia, Senior Staff Business Process Analyst


Corevist Commerce Cloud

The comprehensive B2B portal you need.

Empower your customers with self-service for every step of their journey.

  • Price and availability checks
  • Quote request and conversion to order
  • Online ordering by SKU number or CSV upload
  • Status checks for orders, shipments, and invoices
  • Full history of orders, invoices, and payments

Since Corevist Commerce Cloud is a managed solution with prebuilt SAP integration, your IT team can rest easy—both during the project, and after GoLive.

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