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LORD’s SAP B2B eCommerce Solution

LORD Corporation re-platformed from an on-premise SAP Internet Sales Application to our cloud-based solution without missing a single milestone


LORD Corporation needed to re-platform a 10-year-old SAP solution that was being sunset thanks to SAP’s hybris acquisition.

Leaving the old system in place threatened their ability to upgrade ECC 6. At a minimum, the company needed to replicate features they already had.  LORD had to move fast. They couldn’t go backwards and they couldn’t waste any time.


  • The project launched without missing a single milestone — thanks to Corevist’s iterative and customer focused implementation process
  • Native integrations inside the Corevist platform allow LORD record, replay, search, and analyze each user’s actual experience on the new eCommerce site.
  • A novel testing approach helped quickly train customer service reps
  • Corevist helped LORD re-engineer critical business rules and processes in SAP to make online ordering easier and more efficient


Our motto is, ‘If you can do it in SAP, that’s where it should stay’. We wanted our website to be a reflection of our SAP system, not a recreation of it. And, we wanted a vendor that shared our philosophy.”

Jane Mascia
Senior Business Systems Analyst
LORD Corporation


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