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, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

How’s Your Customer Experience?

, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

97% of procurement managers demand a customer portal.

Yet 30.2% of B2B sellers, including manufacturers with ecommerce solutions, admit they’re failing customers when it comes to inventory display, purchase-critical information, and overall customer experience.

Corevist delivers the ecommerce
experience manufacturers need
(and buyers demand).

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, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

“The solution is easy and quick to implement, with a great integration with SAP. The Corevist team provides great support and engagement on projects.”


–Jean-Marie Genicot, European IS Mgr., BLOUNT Europe SA

Ecommerce that works for real manufacturers.

Blount International needed to sell online in multiple geographies through self-service portals. Customers, distributors, and dealers around the globe wanted an easier way to place orders and manage their accounts.


Learn how Corevist delivered.


Ecommerce for Global Manufacturers

Our architecture scales fast for global rollouts

, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

Corevist Commerce includes a prebuilt, configurable, real-time integration to your SAP ERP system.

What’s more, our integration architecture is templatized to scale up fast. Think of it like a mall: Your first rollout provides the basic infrastructure which we’ll reuse for all your global storefronts.

Using our “B2B Mall Approach,” you can roll out ecommerce to every global division without reinventing the wheel.

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, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

Manufacturer Ecommerce

Corevist Includes These
Essential Features:


✔ Instant online ordering


✔ Personalized catalog


✔ Personalized pricing


✔ Personalized discounts/promos


✔ Real-time personalized ATP (availability)


✔ Rich content for products


✔ Requested delivery dates


✔ Alternate units of measure


✔ Order, shipment, & credit status


✔ View/pay open items & invoices


✔ Multiple shipping locations


✔ Multi-customer management


✔ Related products


✔ Smart SKU subsitution


✔ Product comparison


✔ Product reviews


✔ Clickable parts diagrams (optional)


✔ CPQ configure/price/quote (optional)

Ecommerce ROI for Manufacturers

, Ecommerce for Manufacturers

Corevist clients spend roughly 0.005% – 0.590% of ecommerce revenue on their Corevist Commerce solution.
That’s 11x – 1400x cheaper than the industry standard of 7%.

Learn how Corevist Commerce
scales with your business.

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