The challenge

Emmerson Packaging, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, needed to replace their homegrown customer portal. The solution used to show real-time ERP data, but Emmerson had migrated off their legacy ERP onto SAP, and the integration wasn’t transferrable.

Customers had grown used to transparency and easy self-service in the portal, and reps were spending far too much time handling routine inquiries. The company needed to restore that customer experience and reduce the call burden on their customer service staff.

Carey Leaman, ERP program manager, had all the data that customers needed in SAP ERP. The challenge was to find a customer portal solution that allowed customers to interact with the right data, safely and securely, in a friendly user interface.

The solution

Emmerson chose Corevist Order Tracking to restore customer self-service and transparency. Our real-time SAP integration and fast-loading interface empowered customers to track orders and invoices online.

Emmerson has seen a huge impact already. One customer service rep was spending 16 hours per week answering questions from a major account. After launch, the rep only spent 30 minutes per week—a 97% decrease.

Emmerson also has a clear path forward with Corevist. Their next rollout will introduce self-service ordering, product releasing for warehouse customers, and access to customer-specific product catalogs and price lists. These online ordering capabilities will increase customer satisfaction and reduce Emmerson’s cost of doing business.

“Selecting Corevist as an SAP-centered solution is a true win for our business and our customers so far—and this is just the beginning! Having live access to their entire account portfolio enables our customers to trust the information they are seeing. They can self-serve immediately and export data to analyze further as required.”

—Carey Leaman, ERP program manager

Want To Know More?

View our archived webinar with ASUG to hear Carey’s story, ask questions, and learn how Emmerson is winning with a self-service customer portal.


Corevist Order Tracking

The self-service customer portal you need.

Give your customers a B2B portal that answers every question.

  • Where’s my order?
  • Did my quote get approved?
  • Where’s that shipment?
  • Did we pay our last invoice?

Self-service will transform your operations. Customers will love doing business with you, and you’ll give your reps more bandwidth.

You can get Corevist Order Tracking in 30 days. Since Corevist Commerce Cloud is a managed solution with prebuilt SAP integration, your IT team can rest easy—both during the project, and after GoLive.

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