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The Key to B2B eCommerce ROI:

B2B eCommerce ROI Killers: Standalone Platforms + Middleware

B2B eCommerce ROI depends on ERP integration.

Without built-in integration to your ERP system, you’ll need 3 systems (and supporting teams) to maintain your eCommerce environment:

  • eCommerce platform
  • Middleware system
  • ERP system

That high cost threatens your B2B eCommerce ROI.


What if we eliminated the high cost of ERP integration?

Built-in ERP integration eliminates the hidden costs of B2B eCommerce.

  • eCommerce & ERP are always in sync.
  • Your customers get the personalization they need to drive digital revenue growth.
  • You reduce the number of vendors supporting your web channel.
  • Your IT team can focus on their existing workload.

B2B eCommerce ROI - Impact of Real-Time ERP Integration | Corevist

Welcome to Corevist Commerce.

B2B eCommerce that delivers real ROI.

Corevist clients typically spend 0.15% of eCommerce revenue on their Corevist Commerce solution. The key is our real-time SAP ERP integration, which empowers manufacturers to meet the requirements of diverse use cases:

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B2B ROI Case Study:



  • +325% revenue growth
  • Forestry/agricultural equipment
  • 1001-5000 employees
  • Limited IT staff capacity

Oregon Tool needed to launch B2B eCommerce in multiple geographies and grow revenue—without increasing their IT workload. They knew an ERP-integrated solution was the key.

Learn how Corevist delivered
325% revenue growth.

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