Add payments to your Corevist solution.

Empower customers to pay securely online with real-time posting to SAP.

Add payment for invoices, payment at checkout, or both.

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Struggling with paper-based workflows for payments?

Be honest. Are your customers and reps suffering from these problems?

  • Missing paper invoices
  • Risky processes with paper checks 
  • Phone inquiries and follow-ups
  • A slow order-to-cash cycle

Paper-based processes were difficult before COVID. Now they’ve only gotten worse. Customers want an easier way to pay, and your staff needs relief.

What are you going to do about it?

Add payments to your Corevist solution.

Empower customers to complete their journey in your portal.

Give your customers the self-service payment capabilities they need. The Corevist Platform supports two types of digital payment workflows through integration with an approved, PCI-compliant provider.

  • Self-service invoice payments
  • Credit card payments at checkout

Self-service payments will transform your operations. Customers will love purchasing from you, and you’ll reduce your DSO (days sales outstanding).

Enable the payments you need.

Self-service invoice payments

You can add invoice payments to any Corevist edition—Launch, Grow, or Scale. Wherever you’re at in your journey, you’ll empower customers to pay down invoices through self-service. Our clients typically choose to enable ACH payments through an approved, integrated 3rd-party gateway, since this method doesn’t have transaction fees.

Credit card payment at checkout

By default, Corevist Grow creates an invoice in SAP when a customer places an order. If you need to enable ordering via credit card, Corevist Scale supports electronic payment at checkout, right out of the box. Choose from our approved 3rd-party gateway providers and enable checkout payment methods like ACH, credit card, PayPal, eCheck, or Apple Pay.

Define your path to a seamless OTC cycle.

Whatever Corevist edition you’re using, you can speed up your OTC (order-to-cash) cycle with self-service payments that customers will love.

Here are the most common paths to mastery.

Add invoice payments to Corevist Launch

Corevist Launch offers self-service tracking for orders, shipments, and invoices—which makes invoice payments a great addition. When you empower customers to pay off invoices online, you’ll slash the burden on your customer service reps and A/R staff.

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Add invoice payments to Corevist Grow

Once customers start ordering online, they’ll love self-service invoice payments. This convenience helps them keep their accounts in good standing. They can place new orders without calling customer service or putting paper checks in the mail to pay off a balance.

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Add invoice and checkout payments to Scale

Want to offer credit card payment at checkout? Corevist Scale delivers. When you couple this with self-service invoice payments, you’ll give customers end-to-end control of their account standing. This makes it easy to place new orders—and you get paid faster every time.

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Get relief for every A/R problem.

☛ Do customers have to wrestle with conflicting paper statements to pay you?

Add invoice payments to any Corevist edition, and you’ll reduce confusion and human error in the reconciliation process.

☛ Is your organization getting paid as fast as you deserve?

Our clients typically find that self-service payments eliminate 6 days from the OTC cycle (4 days in the mail and 2 days processing).

☛ Are your customer account balances 100% accurate in real time?

Corevist’s direct, real-time SAP integration updates ledgers in SAP immediately. No middleware and no human touch required.

☛ Are customers demanding credit card payment at checkout in your B2B portal?

Upgrade to Corevist Scale to enable credit card payment at checkout. You’ll make B2B ordering fast and convenient.

☛ Do A/R clerks have to process paper checks manually?

Self-service digital payments rarely need human intervention. With this burden reduced, your staff can focus on higher-value tasks.

☛ Are you waiting for customers to put checks in the mail for their approved quotes?

Enable self-service payments in Corevist, and you’ll empower customers to pay in advance for quotes they’ve received.

☛ Worried about PCI compliance?

The Corevist Platform doesn’t store any sensitive data. Our architecture ensures PCI compliance through your chosen gateway provider.

☛ Worried about the security of mail-based processes?

When you add payments to any Corevist edition, you’ll eliminate the risk of losing sensitive financial documents in the mail.

Get seamless B2B payments without burdening IT.

Managed | SaaS | Fully integrated

The Corevist Platform includes prebuilt payment integration for SAP that supports leading payment gateway providers. This means you don’t need additional vendors beyond Corevist and your gateway provider. Since the Corevist Platform is a managed solution, you won’t require in-house resources running the B2B portal.

In other words, your IT team will love us.

If you’re migrating to S/4HANA, you’re in luck. Corevist’s integration follows you from ECC—with minimal IT involvement. Why wait to solve your customer service problem?

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