George Anderson

George serves as Digital Marketing Manager. A blogger and journalist with a passion for B2B ecommerce, he has written for the Magento blog, Digitalcommerce360, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, ERPgenie, and others.

Simplifying Your Ordering Processes To Increase Efficiency

Driving efficiency in order entry methods In the post-COVID economy, manufacturers are striving for efficiency. That’s especially true when it comes to order entry methods. Many manufacturers still depend on phone, fax, and email to take orders from customers. COVID … Continued
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Driving Efficiency In Your Customer Service Processes

Reducing waste in customer service In the post-COVID world, manufacturers are grappling with rapid shifts in demand, staffing capacity, and fulfillment capacity. Efficiency is the name of the game to prepare for the next disruption. Many manufacturers depend on phone, … Continued
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Reducing Inefficiency In Your Sales Reps’ Processes

Driving efficiency in your Sales reps’ processes For many manufacturers, legacy order entry methods leave something to be desired. This is true for customers and Sales reps alike. If both customers and reps have to call Customer Service to place … Continued
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4 Strategies To Improve Internal Efficiency And Fund Growth Efforts

Streamline your OTC processes Growth requires resources. And while increasing efficiency doesn’t necessarily correlate with revenue growth, it does free up resources for reinvestment in growth efforts. That’s why manufacturers who want to grow should consider how increasing internal scalability—particularly … Continued
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