George Anderson

George serves as Digital Marketing Manager. A blogger and journalist with a passion for B2B ecommerce, he has written for the Magento blog, Digitalcommerce360, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, ERPgenie, and others.

5 Growth Strategies For Manufacturers With Digital Customer Portals

Originally published Oct 7, 2020. Refreshed and expanded Sep 22, 2021. The digital revolution has disrupted every manufacturing vertical. How can manufacturers meet the new challenges of the digital age–and take advantage of new opportunities for growth? If you have … Continued
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Integrated B2B eCommerce: How To Cover All Your Bases

No doubt about it — we’re living in the age of integrated B2B eCommerce. Every web store in the world shares data with another system in some way, even if it’s just rudimentary syncing of transactional data. But the world … Continued
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B2B eCommerce UX: 5 Common Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

In the world of B2B eCommerce, UX (user experience) isn’t just about the layout of webpages or the ease of getting from the catalog to checkout. For manufacturers in particular, the complexity of B2B transactions requires a special approach to … Continued
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Pharma B2B eCommerce: What It Takes To Win Online

Originally published Sept 17, 2019. Refreshed Sept 15, 2021. While the world was moving to eCommerce before COVID-19, the pandemic accelerated that process. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are feeling the pressure to launch B2B eCommerce. Like never before, they must carve out … Continued
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