George Anderson

George serves as Digital Marketing Manager. A blogger and journalist with a passion for B2B ecommerce, he has written for the Magento blog, Digitalcommerce360, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, ERPgenie, and others.

What Chinatown Restaurants Can Teach Us About COVID-19 Agility

COVID-19 Agility The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing innovation in all kinds of markets—and these stories have powerful takeaways for manufacturers. For example, NBC News has reported on a nonprofit which is empowering cash-only restaurants in Manhattan’s Chinatown to take electronic … Continued
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3 Keys To Forging A New Customer Experience After COVID-19

Post-COVID-19 customer experience In their latest B2B Buyer Report, Avionos examines new trends in B2B buyer preferences and the role which B2B eCommerce and Sales reps play in meeting customer needs. The report centers on a survey of 150 B2B … Continued
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How 4 Corevist Clients Contribute to COVID-19 Relief

4 Manufacturers Helping To Fight COVID-19 At Corevist, we work with manufacturers in numerous industries. That means that some of our clients are on the front lines of COVID-19 relief, as they produce essential equipment (or the components that go … Continued
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3 Top Metrics To Track Efficiency Gains From B2B eCommerce

Measuring B2B eCommerce Efficiency Gains At Corevist, our mission is to make B2B eCommerce accessible to all manufacturers running SAP ERP. A key part of that accessibility is helping manufacturers understand how to measure the things that matter—i.e. the metrics … Continued
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