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Durham, NC – March 15, 2023 – Corevist, the leader in B2B ecommerce solutions for SAP organizations, today announced the opening of a new private office suite in Durham, NC. The space, located in the WeWork facility at One City Center, will empower the Corevist team to collaborate more easily in a face-to-face setting. 

As a distributed company, Corevist has long enjoyed the productivity gains of employees working from home. However, some projects and scenarios benefit from face-to-face collaboration, and some team members find they are more effective in such a setting. Corevist’s new office suite provides ample flexibility, allowing the team to get the best of both worlds as appropriate. 

For Corevist clients, the new office will facilitate more frequent in-person collaboration within the Corevist team, which will translate directly into faster resolutions for problems and questions. Unscheduled conversations and cross-functional teamwork will empower employees to think outside the box in responding to the challenges faced by clients. 

Corevist’s new relationship with WeWork extends beyond the physical office in Durham. As a WeWork client, Corevist now has access to WeWork facilities across the globe. If the Corevist sales team is traveling to a meeting, or if the client success team is meeting with a client, Corevist can leverage the local WeWork space to host meetings in a secure, comfortable environment that facilitates solving problems for clients. 

This is particularly helpful for Corevist’s employees in Central Europe, as the company’s Polish team can access WeWork facilities in Warsaw. These facilities will be the ideal setting for Corevist’s annual Product Summit, which is traditionally held in Central Europe. 

In Durham, Corevist has access to WeWork’s shared working space, including refrigerators and freshly brewed coffee. The company also has a private office suite with desks and chairs that can support up to 16 people. Soundproof booths facilitate one-on-one calls, while a private office can serve as a conference room or executive office as needed. 

Jesse Bongartz, Sr. Director of Finance and HR, explained the benefits of the office for current and prospective employees. “Our new WeWork space gives us a ton of flexibility. We can meet in person in places where we don’t have a physical presence. For current and future employees, we have a truly hybrid work culture. If you’re more comfortable in an office, we have that. If you’re more productive at home, we have that. If you’re missing the face-to-face, the water-cooler conversations, we have that too. We can appeal to a broad variety of workplace needs.” 

Susan Wall, COO, explained management’s perspective on the new office. “We aren’t requiring local employees to use the office, although we plan to have someone from the management team on site as much as possible. We expect the office to be used organically, and we’re already seeing that. A week after opening, we’ve already had several key meetings in the space in which we took great strides as an organization. Personally, I’m thrilled to see what we’ll accomplish now that we can facilitate face-to-face collaboration in Durham.” 

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About Corevist

Corevist empowers SAP companies to delight their customers with B2B portals and eCommerce integrated to SAP ERP. As a cloud-native solution, the Corevist Platform allows organizations to transform their customer experience without creating significant burdens for their IT staff. With Corevist managing the entire stack, companies like H.B. Fuller, Nordson, LORD Corporation, and Emmerson Packaging compete online while retaining the focus on their core business. 

Corevist solutions process over $2 billion in transaction value every year, interacting directly with clients’ SAP systems. SAP has certified Corevist’s ERP integration for S/4HANA and NetWeaver, and Corevist is SAP’s only strategic partner in commerce. 

Corevist is a global company with clients in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Africa, and Asia. For more information, call (919) 424-2120 or visit

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