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Client Collaboration

Innovating Together: How We Created Dynamic SAP Web Reports With A Client

Dynamic SAP Web Reports Here at Corevist, we’re always asking our clients what kind of functionality they want to see in future releases of our SAP-integrated eCommerce platform. We recently collaborated with a client to build a no-brainer feature–reports pulled … Continued
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The Kimono Effect: Exposing SAP for eCommerce

“If We are Going to Open Our Kimono… …we had better look good!” –Tomo Razmilovic, President of Symbol Technologies. The year was 1999. Mr. Razmilovic was challenging his management team to expose their SAP system to customers through integrated eCommerce. … Continued
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Weighing Customizations Against Their Repercussions

Strategic Customization Management In the world of SAP-integrated eCommerce, most manufacturers end up choosing to do a little customization to bring their unique business processes to the web. We’ve seen many intelligent customizations over the years—for example: A tweak to … Continued
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How Your Customers Really Feel About Your Ordering Process

True confessions from dealers & distributors At Corevist, our software is designed to simplify manufacturers’ interactions with their dealers and distributors. To make that a reality, we constantly strive for a deeper understanding of how real people interact with Corevist. … Continued
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