Damian Dellavecchia

Damian DellaVecchia serves as VP of Client Services. With 20+ years' experience in SAP consulting, Damian brings a wealth of knowledge to every SAP-integrated Corevist Commerce implementation which he oversees.

Weighing Customizations Against Their Repercussions

Strategic Customization Management In the world of SAP-integrated eCommerce, most manufacturers end up choosing to do a little customization to bring their unique business processes to the web. We’ve seen many intelligent customizations over the years—for example: A tweak to … Continued
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Benchmarking Your SAP Performance

Measuring SAP Performance SAP ERP systems come in all shapes and sizes. The Corevist team has seen them all–we have over 300,000 collective hours of SAP ecommerce experience. We’ve also seen a wide range of response times in SAP performance, … Continued
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Nail Your Pricing in B2B Ecommerce

Showing customer pricing in B2B ecommerce In 2018, it’s critical to show pricing in B2B ecommerce. No ifs, ands, or buts—your customers need to know what they’re going to pay for your product or service. Sounds simple on the surface, … Continued
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Using Quotes in SAP eCommerce to Simplify Your Business

Quotes in SAP eCommerce In many B2B markets, quotes form the backbone of the sales process. They allow B2B companies to negotiate pricing with their customers and store that information in SAP for a specified period of time. But how … Continued
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