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5 Keys To A Great B2B Portal For Manufacturers

First published Oct 7, 2021. Refreshed and expanded Jan 17, 2023.  Manufacturers are finding that a B2B portal is essential to retaining market share in today’s economy. After all, 85% of B2B buyers will ditch a supplier with a bad … Continued
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7 Components Of A Great SAP Ordering System

Legacy ordering processes cause problems for SAP companies. If customers can only place orders via phone, fax, and email, then you may have a frustrating customer experience—which can drive customers to the competition. Legacy processes are also inefficient and expensive, … Continued
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What Makes A Great B2B Web Store?

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler, every B2B seller needs a web store or ecommerce presence. A digital presence is table stakes for staying relevant and competitive in today’s market. But what goes into a great B2B web store? … Continued
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Are You Facing Your Customers’ Pain?

The latest B2B Buyer Report from Avionos has some powerful takeaways for B2B companies. Avionos surveyed B2B buyers in several industries and found a heightened sense of pain when it comes to purchasing from suppliers. Here are the biggest takeaways … Continued
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