Susan Wall

Susan Wall, COO, brings a wealth of experience to the Corevist team as a customer-focused executive with a demonstrated history of success in the software and media industries. Driven by data, skilled at leading high-growth companies with entrepreneurial cultures, she’s a Revenue Marketer and Data Geek at her core. She likes nothing better than building repeatable, predictable engines for business success.

Is B2B Shopping Really Like B2C?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard that all B2B eCommerce websites need to provide an Amazon-style experience. If you haven’t heard this, you will! It’s one of the most common talking points in the industry today. To some extent, … Continued
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The True Measure Of Success In B2B eCommerce

If B2B eCommerce isn’t generating value, then something is broken. But how do you quantify that value? Which B2B eCommerce KPIs matter most? Is there anything that hard data won’t tell you? Every company will have different answers here, but … Continued
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