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Removing COVID Friction In B2B Payments

B2B Payments Post-COVID For many manufacturers, the COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten every facet of the business—including payments. As reports, once the pandemic hit, “corporate buyers needed clearer understandings of their payment obligations and greater control over their payment timelines … Continued
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Smart Digital Transformation Through Online Order Tracking

A flexible path to digital CX There are many paths to digital transformation of customer experience. Some manufacturers choose to transition directly from phone/fax/email ordering to eCommerce, while others opt to start with a portal for post-order customer service.   This … Continued
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3 Common ePayment Obstacles (And How to Overcome Them)

Obstacles to ePayments In a recent webinar from ARO2CNetwork, payments expert Mark Brousseau shared results of a study on the state of ePayments in B2B. The numbers were a little surprising. The study found that same-day electronic payments can cut … Continued
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PCI Payments in B2B eCommerce – 5 Experts Weigh In

PCI In B2B: 5 Experts Share Trends and Analysis As B2B eCommerce solutions continue to mature, more and more companies are starting to ask the tough questions. What does it mean to add a digital revenue channel? How do we … Continued
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