The Corevist Story


Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal:

Make the value of B2B eCommerce accessible to all Manufacturers who run on SAP ERP.

This empowers manufacturers to reduce their cost to serve B2B customers while also increasing online revenues.


How do we do it?

By reducing the complexity, risk, implementation timeframes, and total cost of ownership of an SAP integrated B2B eCommerce solution. And we do it all without sacrificing functionality or ease of use.

How We Got Here:


In 2007, three SAP guys had an idea: What if we brought the power of integrated B2B eCommerce to manufacturers running SAP?

Dr. Sam Bayer, PhD, Adrian Zehnder, and Joe Pryor had worked together at HAHT Commerce, a company that specialized in sell-side B2B eCommerce integrated to SAP ERP. When HAHT was disbanded, Sam, Adrian & Joe recognized that a gaping hole had opened in the market. Manufacturers still desperately needed SAP-integrated eCommerce, and no one was offering a workable solution.

Sam, Adrian & Joe founded b2b2dot0, Inc., to fill this need. The startup received an NC Idea Grant in December, 2008, but all other funding came from bootstrapping.

Adrian Zehnder and Joe Pryor in the early days. Photo by Sam Bayer.

Early Corevist technical diagram

Within months, the first iteration of b2bdot0’s SAP-integrated B2B portal software was posting orders to SAP ERP for Nordson, Inc., a leading industrial manufacturer.

In 2014, b2b2dot0 rebranded as Corevist, Inc., and continued to innovate in SAP-integrated eCommerce for manufacturers.

Fast-forward to 2020, and Corevist has grown an average of 30% each year. We’ve achieved 4 Inc. 5000 wins (and counting). In early March 2020, we partnered with Jurassic Capital to fund the next stage of our growth.

Our solutions continue to process over $1.5 billion in transactions every year for manufacturers, as 180,000 dealers and distributors in 14 countries place orders with our clients. We love manufacturers, and we love making the value of B2B eCommerce accessible to them. Here’s to many more years of partnering with our clients.

L-R: Chaz Felix, investor; Sam Bayer, CEO, Corevist; Joe Colopy and Kevin Mosley, partners, Jurassic Capital

Our Core Values:



  • Passion for our clients.

  • Be proactive.

  • Be pragmatic.

  • Be professional.

  • Protect work/life balance.

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