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7 Best Practices For B2B Customer Portals

B2B customer portals have become a necessity in the digital age. But what goes into a good customer portal? What do your dealers and distributors need most—and what pitfalls should you watch out for?  While every organization will answer these … Continued
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6 B2B Portal Examples That Offer Great Customer Experiences

B2B portals were important before the pandemic, but they’ve become essential now. In-person sales models have seen significant disruption. Likewise, staffing challenges and supply chain disruption have made it more difficult than ever to interact with customers via phone, fax, … Continued
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Top 3 Weaknesses Of Conventional B2B Portals

Originally published Jan 17, 2019. Refreshed Nov 30, 2021. In a fascinating infographic, Digitalcommerce360 highlights the top 3 areas in which B2B sellers are trying to improve their offerings in eCommerce and customer portals. The infographic draws on data from … Continued
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6 Keys To Launching A Great B2B Invoice Portal

If COVID taught us one thing, it’s this: Customers don’t just want self-service. They actually need it. This has become painfully clear for manufacturers. With staffing challenges affecting A/R processes, it’s become impossible to offer the level of customer service … Continued
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