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Capturing Revenue Without Forcing Customers To Use EDI

Ecommerce & EDI: Finding The Right Mix For manufacturers looking at launching an SAP ecommerce solution, one question often comes up: “How does EDI fit into this picture?” The simple answer is, EDI and ecommerce can easily coexist. The nuanced … Continued
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Think Like A Distributor, Act Like A Manufacturer

What manufacturers can learn from distributors As the pressure mounts on manufacturers to launch SAP ecommerce for sustained competitive viability, they’re encountering the massive mindset shift that’s required for online success. It’s not only old processes that must be retired, … Continued
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4 Critical Factors For Spare Parts Strategy in 2019

Spare Parts Strategy in 2019 As more and more B2B buyers turn to online distributors to buy spare parts, manufacturers are encountering a problem. They’re losing business. Why? To put it simply, if you’re not selling online, it’s easier to … Continued
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Crafting Your Ecommerce Rollout Care Package

Helping your customers transition to ecommerce As you build your B2B ecommerce rollout plan, it’s crucial that you don’t stop at technology. There is no ecommerce business without a platform, and yet, the business is so much more than the … Continued
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