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SAP eCommerce

A Radical Handbook For SAP eCommerce

In the ever-changing digital world, old paradigms aren’t cutting it anymore. This is especially true for organizations that run on SAP ERP and need to launch eCommerce. What’s the old paradigm here? It’s choosing whatever eCommerce platform looks good on … Continued
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Top 2 Keys To A Smooth B2B eCommerce Project

Friction-free B2B eCommerce B2B eCommerce is a complex initiative which touches all parts of the organization. Customers, customer service, IT, sales, finance, marketing—everyone has a stake in the success of the web channel. How do you handle the complexity of … Continued
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How To Nail Credit And Availability In Your B2B Web Channel

Credit + Availability In B2B eCommerce Manufacturers’ transactions are complex. The ERP is the source of truth for complex business logic governing products, pricing, availability, and more–which is why eCommerce for manufacturers must include integration to SAP.   An SAP-integrated web … Continued
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Defining Your Balance Of Control In B2B eCommerce

Control + responsibility in B2B eCommerce How much control (and responsibility) do you want over your B2B eCommerce stack? Manufacturers have a limited number of choices when it comes to eCommerce management models. At a high level, all options fall … Continued
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