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32 B2B eCommerce Features That Matter Most

Most articles on B2B eCommerce features mention 10 or 15 capabilities to look for. But that’s not a comprehensive view of everything you need in a B2B solution. In fact, a platform with a handful of B2B eCommerce features probably … Continued
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Top 3 Obstacles To Growing A B2B Channel Without Adding Headcount

How do you grow B2B eCommerce revenue while keeping a tight rein on headcount? Manufacturers are struggling with this challenge. Data problems, process problems, technology problems — all sorts of issues raise their heads as you go deeper into B2B … Continued
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7 Must-Haves In Personalized B2B eCommerce

First published Jan 14, 2020. Expanded July 13, 2021. Personalization is essential in B2B eCommerce. In fact, Salesforce reports that 72% of B2B customers expect personalization, while 67% have switched suppliers for a more B2C-influenced buying experience. But personalization in B2B presents … Continued
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What’s The #1 Key To Evaluating Industrial eCommerce Platforms?

Industrial manufacturers have many options when it comes to eCommerce platforms. Many of these solutions were originally designed for B2C, which means their offerings don’t always align with the needs of industrial organizations. How can you zero in on what … Continued
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