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SaaS Or On-Premises For Your B2B Customer Portal?

We’re all familiar with the SaaS vs. on-premises debate. The internet is bursting with articles that explain the benefits and drawbacks of each model. But what does all this mean for your B2B customer portal? More importantly, does a customer … Continued
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Direct B2B eCommerce Integration Vs. Middleware

Originally published Apr 9, 2019. Refreshed Oct 6, 2021. For manufacturers launching B2B eCommerce, one question looms large: how is B2B eCommerce going to interact with your SAP ERP system? Specifically, you need to determine how B2B eCommerce will modify … Continued
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3 Reasons Customers Won’t Come Back To Your B2B Portal

For some organizations, driving B2B eCommerce adoption is a challenge. You need to transition existing business to the web to increase operational efficiency, but sometimes customers aren’t on the same page. They might be wedded to paper-based processes — or … Continued
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Announcing Custom Cart Input Fields Integrated To SAP

Every manufacturer has unique processes for order fulfillment. In fact, our clients’ needs in this area are so diverse, you could almost say there’s no such thing as a generic transaction for manufacturers doing eCommerce. How can a SaaS (software-as-a-service) … Continued
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