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The needs of B2B customers are constantly evolving. In terms of customer experience, what worked yesterday may not work today—or tomorrow. The key is to stay ahead of the trends and deliver the functionality that your customers didn’t know they wanted.

That’s why the Corevist team is constantly building out new features and functionality in Corevist Commerce. This empowers our customers to focus on their core business, while we worry about the expectations of B2B customers.

Along those lines, we’re thrilled to announce our newest integration. We’ve partnered with LiveChat, market leader in integrated chat solutions, to offer sophisticated customer service chat functionality within Corevist Commerce.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is LiveChat in a B2B ecommerce scenario?

Ever been shopping online and wished you could ask someone a question?

Enter LiveChat for B2B ecommerce!

In a nutshell, chat capabilities allow your sales or customer service reps to interact directly with customers while they’re browsing your B2B ecommerce store. It’s a huge win for customers and the business, as it bridges the gap and provides human interaction in a digital selling environment.

Here’s what those benefits look like in detail.

Benefits of LiveChat for Corevist clients

Here’s what LiveChat offers your organization when integrated to your Corevist Commerce solution.

  • Sell more products through targeted, human-to-human conversations—right within Corevist Commerce—that cost less than phone or email interaction. Visitors who are invited to chat are 6.3 times more likely to convert into customers. Meanwhile, 61% of those customers convert within the first chat. (Source: LiveChat Greetings Efficiency Report.)
  • Customer satisfaction increases when you offer live, human-to-human chat capabilities. In fact, companies using LiveChat achieve an average customer satisfaction rate of 83.54%. (Source: LiveChat Customer Service Report.)
  • Increase engagement from each customer in your B2B ecommerce portal through automated messages dedicated to specific customers.
  • Engage more customers in your B2B ecommerce store by handling multiple conversations at once. One LiveChat agent can talk to 10x more people than a phone agent.
  • Get more information about customers through our integration between LiveChat and Corevist Commerce. You can see Corevist Commerce username, total cart value, and more.
  • Fully customizable visitor views give you control over the customer-facing chat experience.
  • Seamless agent view allows the chat agent to handle multiple chats in one easy dashboard.

Benefits of LiveChat for your customers

LiveChat isn’t only great for your organization. It’s great for your customers too.

  • Customers get fast, easy answers to questions that would otherwise require a phone call or email.
  • Customers get more value from you as a supplier as your agents offer personalized product recommendations that go the extra mile.
  • Customers build trust in your brand as you offer easy, no-pressure human interaction.
  • Customers spend less time fulfilling their needs and get everything in one place (your B2B ecommerce store).

Why LiveChat over other chat providers?

A quick look at G2 or Capterra reveals numerous chat providers. So what sets LiveChat apart? Why did we choose LiveChat for integration with Corevist Commerce?

Here are a few quick points.

  • Trusted by over 27,000 companies in 150 countries
  • Industry leader according to the most reputable software review communities
  • 24/7 award winning customer support hailed as support heroes

LiveChat is the leader in chat providers, and they offer the most flexibility and value for Corevist clients. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer this integration. 

How to get LiveChat in your Corevist Commerce solution

For clients using Classic Corevist Commerce, LiveChat is available as an add-on. It can appear within your B2B ecommerce experience, and your agents can use it to interact with customers in real time.

For clients using New Corevist Commerce, LiveChat comes with all of the above PLUS the added benefit of integration with your Corevist Commerce solution. The customer’s name and email address are automatically populated from their user profile when starting new chats from within Corevist Commerce. Chat agents receive additional details about the customer like their Corevist Commerce username and the total value of their cart.

Whether you’re on New Corevist Commerce or Classic, reach out to your PM about adding LiveChat to your Corevist solution.

Want to learn more?

Got questions about LiveChat and Corevist Commerce? We’ve got answers. Get in touch with us today to find out more about this market-leading partnership.

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