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DIY B2B Ecommerce: Understanding The Responsibilities

DIY B2B Ecommerce Manufacturers are realizing they need to sell online with some form of digital commerce—whether it’s for sales reps in the field, customers at their desks, or both types of users (and more). But what path will lead … Continued
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5 Keys to Digital Transformation Of Your Customer Experience

Digital Transformation in Customer Experience A recent Forbes post offered an insightful definition digital transformation. While the article acknowledges that there is no standard definition of the term, it suggests a definition: digital transformation is “being able to innovate in … Continued
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Insider vs. Outsider: Who Should Lead Your Digital Transformation?

The Digital Transformation Leader Harvard Business Review recently published a fascinating article called “Don’t Put A Digital Expert In Charge of your Digital Transformation.” It’s the story of two companies: one that hired a digital expert from Amazon to run … Continued
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The 5 Stages of the B2B Ecommerce Journey

B2B Ecommerce Journey: 5 Stages At Corevist, we hear from lots of manufacturers who are figuring out their journey in B2B ecommerce. Over the last 11 years, we’ve seen it all. While each manufacturer’s journey is unique, they all tend … Continued
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