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Still Suffering With Homegrown B2B eCommerce For SAP?

Homegrown B2B eCommerce made sense in the 90s and early 2000s. The market offered immature technology, and if you wanted something powerful, you had to build it.   How things have changed! Now the technology is so mature, you can support … Continued
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Hybrid B2B Selling: 3 Keys To Nail The New Model

COVID placed a moratorium on in-person selling. Manufacturers scrambled to launch self-service B2B portals that allowed customers to place orders, track orders, and get real-time pricing and availability. In some industries, in-person selling was due for retirement anyway. Customers preferred … Continued
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Defining Your Balance Of Control In B2B eCommerce

First published Feb 19, 2020. Refreshed and expanded June 22, 2022. How much control (and responsibility) do you want over your B2B eCommerce stack? Manufacturers have a limited number of choices when it comes to eCommerce management models. At a … Continued
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5 Common Roadblocks To B2B Portals (+ Solutions)

Manufacturers need to launch B2B customer portals––yet challenges abound. Competing internal priorities, lack of resources, and looming upgrades to S/4HANA can scuttle a B2B portal project.  Yet manufacturers need those portals. Customers are demanding digital self-service.  It’s easy to find … Continued
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