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5 Keys to Digital Transformation Of Your Customer Experience

Originally published Sep 24, 2019. Refreshed Oct 20, 2021. Customer experience hasn’t always been top-of-mind for manufacturers. Phone, fax and email were always adequate for order entry and post-order inquiries. All that changed in the wake of the pandemic and the … Continued
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4 Questions To Ask As You Plan Your B2B Self-Service Portal Project

The post-COVID digital world is driving manufacturers to adopt B2B self-service portals. With digital expectations now the norm, a self-service portal is a basic necessity for a good customer experience. But how do you define the needs of your customers … Continued
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Ecommerce Is A Product–And It Needs An Owner

First published Nov 14, 2018. Updated Aug 11, 2021. If you’re an industrial manufacturer, you have a clear-cut line of products. But one of your most important products doesn’t have an SKU defined in SAP. It’s your customer experience. Your … Continued
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Starting Your Digital Transformation with ePayments

Digital Transformation In Payments The COVID-19 pandemic has driven dealers and distributors to seek out digital ways of doing business. For manufacturers, that means the timeline for digital transformation has accelerated. Where digital solutions were sitting on backlogs as “things … Continued
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