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Starting Your Digital Transformation with ePayments

Digital Transformation In Payments The COVID-19 pandemic has driven dealers and distributors to seek out digital ways of doing business. For manufacturers, that means the timeline for digital transformation has accelerated. Where digital solutions were sitting on backlogs as “things … Continued
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Our Customers Don’t Want to Rekey Their Orders

The Question of Rekeying Orders “Our customers are already entering their orders into their own purchasing or ERP systems; they don’t want to come to our website and do it again.” I heard it again today. For over 20 years, … Continued
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QUIZ: How Mature Is Your Customer Experience?

How mature is your #CX? Dealers & distributors want a seamless experience in buying from manufacturers. So how do you stack up? Take our short quiz below to find out. We’ll ask you 4 questions covering the 4 key areas … Continued
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Turning Constraints Into Strengths In Covid Digital Transformation

Smart Covid Digital Transformation A recent Forbes article discussed the need to recognize constraints in your business as you map out post-COVID digital transformation. The authors say that “every business or entity will have its own constraints and limitations, and … Continued
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