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4 Essentials In Customer Experience For Manufacturers

#CX essentials for manufacturers What does it take for manufacturers to compete online? With pressures from Amazon and competitors who have branded eCommerce experiences, it’s imperative that manufacturers determine what their dealers and distributors are looking for in terms of … Continued
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Getting Closer To The B2B Buyer During COVID-19

B2B sales during COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing manufacturers to innovate in their selling models. While this is a painful time for all of us, the pandemic is also forcing manufacturers to get closer to the buyer of product, … Continued
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Transitioning Your B2B Sales Force To Working From Home

Coronavirus B2B Sales Transition As traveling B2B sales reps around the world remain grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic, some manufacturers are facing a tough road forward: How do you continue meeting the needs of your buyers without in-person sales … Continued
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Coronavirus B2B eCommerce Game Plan: 6 Keys To Weather The Storm

Coronavirus B2B eCommerce Impact As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, B2B manufacturers are grappling with new challenges. Supply chains and market demand have been disrupted. Legacy processes, such as in-person selling and call-center customer service, are no longer viable as employees … Continued
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