Carolyn Sparano

Carolyn brings a unique blend of strategy and execution to Corevist, where she serves as Vice President of Client Success. In previous roles with Solarwinds, Oracle, Bronto, and Red Hat, she honed her expertise in the SaaS space while leading diverse teams to maximize value for clients. Her passion is bringing unique, exciting products to market and partnering with customers for success.

How well do you know your B2B customers?

May 11, 2016|Company News|

We’d like to politely suggest that you may not know your customers as well as you think you do. But, don’t worry, we’re always looking for ways to help you get to know them better. What do B2B customers want? It depends on who you ask. After years of working with mid-market industrial manufacturers, we’ve found that B2B eCommerce projects typically fall into two categories. Those categories are defined by which department is driving the project.

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