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Eyes Wide Open As You Evaluate Implementation Partners

When a manufacturer launches their first B2B portal, it can feel like a leap of faith. Without deep domain expertise in B2B solutions, you’re essentially trusting that you’ve chosen the right implementation partner to build and launch the right solution. … Continued
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Marketing Vs. IT: Who Gets To Define B2B eCommerce?

Marketing wants to sell more. IT wants to become more efficient—or at the very least, prevent technical debt. Everyone’s on the same team, but B2B eCommerce projects can really highlight the differences here. How do you move forward in B2B … Continued
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Don’t Sweat Your Master Data

Manufacturers need B2B customer portals, and those portals need SAP integration. It’s the only way to provide the best customer experience, and it leverages your existing investment in business data and logic without wasteful duplication and synchronization. Yet SAP integration … Continued
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The 6 Most Important B2B eCommerce Stakeholders

First published Jul 26, 2017. Refreshed Sep 29, 2021. The world of SAP B2B eCommerce is complex. People from multiple departments have problems that B2B eCommerce can solve—but the project can also introduce new problems for each department if you … Continued
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