Rom Zahavi

Rom Zahavi brings 20+ years of experience to the Corevist team as Senior Project Manager. With diverse roles in programming, engineering, and customer success, Rom combines advanced SDLC knowledge and management of large international development teams with strong business acumen.

5 Key Lessons From B2B eCommerce Projects

No doubt about it, B2B eCommerce projects are challenging. Between IT, the business, and customer service, you may have competing positions at the negotiating table. Worse, your implementation partner (or a coalition of vendors) may not have your best interests … Continued
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We’ve Got Your Back With Google Analytics

Here at Corevist, we engage in collaborative relationships with our clients. We manage and support the entire technology stack for Corevist solutions, but we don’t stop there. We also act as trusted advisors for systems and processes beyond the ones … Continued
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How We Collaborated With A Client To Develop Corevist BuyBot

As we’ve explained elsewhere, we’ve been hard at work on the new Corevist Platform — our all-new flagship product that offers an advanced UI, deep personalization and architecture that’s built for integrations.  Every aspect of the new Corevist Platform was … Continued
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Why We Reject Blame Culture

Everyone knows what it’s like to fear being blamed. When things go wrong, you get asked questions like who, what, why, and how — but especially who. It’s far easier to blame a person than to blame a process (or … Continued
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