Sam Bayer

Sam Bayer is the Founder & CEO of Corevist. His mission is to capitalize on the convergence of the growing popularity of Cloud delivered services and the consumerization of B2B ecommerce to build a company that delivers real value to his clients and a great place to work for his team.

Our Customers Don’t Want to Rekey Their Orders

The Question of Rekeying Orders “Our customers are already entering their orders into their own purchasing or ERP systems; they don’t want to come to our website and do it again.” I heard it again today. For over 20 years, … Continued
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Right-Sized Digital Transformation In The COVID-19 World

COVID-19 Digital Transformation A recent article in Harvard Business Review, Discovery-Driven Digital Transformation, offers pointed insights for manufacturers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors argue that a massive, totalizing digital transformation is often the wrong path for … Continued
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Amazon Is To B2C What COVID-19 Is To B2B

B2B In A Post-COVID World In the same way that Amazon’s success fueled the explosion of the B2C eCommerce market, Covid-19’s supply chain impact is accelerating the adoption of B2B eCommerce. “What do you think of that analogy, Sam?” a … Continued
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5 Keys To Thriving As You Work From Home During COVID-19

Keys to COVID-19 remote work In the wake of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing more and more companies asking employees to work from home. Let’s be honest: This is a tough adjustment if you’re new to remote work (or … Continued
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