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Straight Talk: Integrating Magento With Your ERP

Magento ERP Integration Done Right Let’s be honest: Magento ERP integrations are no walk in the park. Syncing complex ERP data with Magento presents all kinds of challenges. But it doesn’t have to be hard. With the right architecture for … Continued
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What Stratego Teaches Us About Digital Transformation

Stratego & Digital Transformation On a recent weekend, I had the delightful opportunity to sit down with my grandson for a game of Stratego. In case you aren’t familiar, it’s a deceptively simple strategy game: on a board of 10×10 … Continued
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The Long Dark Winter of SAP Indirect Access

Indirect Access Update As the days get shorter here in Raleigh, NC I get the sense that we are now entering the long dark winter of SAP Indirect Access discontent.  Just take a look at ASUG’s “The Latest on SAP … Continued
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Agile Conversations: “Just Deliver Something, Man!”

Agile Methodology in the Real World In my role as Corevist CEO, I participate in our Project Initiation Workshops whenever possible. I want to hear from real people who’ve just decided to do business with us. I love participating with … Continued
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