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Sam Bayer


We’re now into our second year of the pandemic. The associated social distancing, Zoom gloom, homeschooling, layoffs, and restrictions on free time activities have put a damper on the happiness and mental health of employees worldwide. 

We think it’s time to do something. That’s why we’ve chosen April 27 as Corevist Mental Health Day.

SAP leads the way

We’ve long looked to SAP as the leader in our industry. That’s why the Corevist Platform integrates exclusively with SAP ERP. Similarly, we look to SAP for leadership in all spheres of business and have been inspired by the recent post on the SAP corporate site giving their employees a day off to focus on their mental well-being. 

SAP’s Mental Health Day signals a strong commitment to its employees. SAP North America President DJ Paoni says, “It’s not just another day off. It’s a clear message from the company that it’s OK to relax.”

Acknowledging the stress that all employees are under, we’ll join SAP in declaring April 27 a global mental health day for all Corevist employees. 

Our most valuable resource is our employees. That’s why we’ll all take this day to reflect on our mental wellness and explore some healthy ways to cope with stress. It’s a win-win for Corevist and our clients: Healthy, well-rested employees have the energy, passion, and focus to go above and beyond for our clients.

What this means for our clients

On Corevist Mental Health Day, we’ll still provide support for all Severity 1 issues. However, for non-urgent matters, clients may experience a slight delay in response time. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your PM.

Moving forward: FREE case study

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