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Why 85% Of B2B Firms Are Dissatisfied With Their Ecommerce Solution

Top 8 B2B Ecommerce Challenges According to Gartner Research, only 15% of organizations believe their ecommerce initiative is contributing to their success. Penny Gillespie, Gartner Analyst and VP, put it this way: “Many companies are struggling with the basics. The … Continued
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B2B Ecommerce Platform Comparison: Top 10 Side By Side

Originally published March 6, 2018. Compare The Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Platforms If you’re comparing the top B2B e-commerce platforms, you’re not alone. As B2B Ecommerce World reports, manufacturers will spend $2.4 billion on new B2B ecommerce platforms in the … Continued
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4 Things Holding Manufacturers Back As B2B Ecommerce Growth Takes Off

Joining the Manufacturer Ecommerce Revolution In a recent infographic, Digitalcommerce360 reports that total ecommerce sales for US manufacturers grew 22.5% in 2018, to $356 billion. That growth rate is up from 2017, when sales grew by 14.0%. The trend is … Continued
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Overcoming The #1 Challenge To B2B Ecommerce Success

Making the case for B2B ecommerce In a recent podcast with Oro Inc., Brian Beck, author of Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce, talked about the #1 challenge which B2B companies face when launching ecommerce. Brian put it this way: “The first … Continued
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