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Who’s The Boss—ERP, Ecommerce, or CRM?

All roads lead to Rome… and some even lead to B2B ecommerce. But the journey makes all the difference. In twenty years in this industry, I’ve seen every possible path to B2B ecommerce. I’ve seen people start with their ERP … Continued
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This B2B Needs Pyramid Could Revolutionize Your Career

B2B Values Pyramid: Prioritizing Needs Harvard Business Review recently published an incredible article outlining a B2B Values Pyramid. Riffing on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the authors came up with a brilliant pyramid to help B2B executives prioritize the value they’ll … Continued
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$264M in B2B Ecommerce Revenue with No Catalog

Look Ma, No Catalog! In the B2B ecommerce industry, I’ve heard a presumptive definition of “ecommerce” floating around forever. This definition says, “ecommerce is all that stuff Amazon does.” In other words, “ecommerce” is categories, images, algorithms suggesting related products, … Continued
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Responsive Ecommerce vs. Mobile App: 7 Things You Need to Know

Mobile app, or mobile-friendly ecommerce? How do you reach the growing mobile device segment in ecommerce? As real data suggests, mobile usage in B2B ecommerce is skyrocketing. Manufacturers understand that mobile is a critical piece of the digital commerce puzzle. … Continued
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