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3 Keys To Forging A New Customer Experience After COVID-19

Post-COVID-19 customer experience In their latest B2B Buyer Report, Avionos examines new trends in B2B buyer preferences and the role which B2B eCommerce and Sales reps play in meeting customer needs. The report centers on a survey of 150 B2B … Continued
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Forrester: B2B Market Prefers Cloud + Prebuilt Integration

Forrester Wave B2B Commerce 2020 The latest Forrester Wave B2B Commerce report offers insight for manufacturers who are evaluating eCommerce solutions. In a blog post summarizing the report, Forrester says: “The devil’s in the versions. We spoke to nearly 40 … Continued
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COVID-19 Impact On Medical B2B eCommerce

Medical eCommerce During COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking up medical eCommerce performance for manufacturers. With elective surgeries on hold while hospitals pivot to COVID-19 treatment, some manufacturers are seeing massive gains, while others are seeing a sharp drop-off. When … Continued
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6 Caveats For Manufacturers Considering CloudCraze

CloudCraze Caveats At Corevist, we often talk to manufacturers who are looking to replace CloudCraze (now called Salesforce B2B Commerce). There’s a consensus among these companies: CloudCraze is too expensive and difficult to maintain. These manufacturers find they can’t justify … Continued
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