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What’s Hottest In B2B: Mobile Readiness, Or ERP Integration?

Mobile Vs. Integration (and why you shouldn’t have to choose) In a recent infographic, Digitalcommerce360 reports on the top priorities of smaller B2B sellers (<$10M) when it comes to new features and functionality in B2B e-commerce platforms. Though the survey … Continued
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Forrester Outlines 3 Best Practices For Manufacturers To Beat B2C Sites

How Manufacturers Can Compete Against B2C The competitive landscape for manufacturers is changing fast. In a recent report, Forrester outlines a new B2B ecommerce trend which manufacturers are facing: stiff competition not only from other manufacturers’ ecommerce stores and distributors, … Continued
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Study Reveals Top 3 Weaknesses Of B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Top 3 Weaknesses of B2B Ecommerce Solutions In a recent infographic, Digitalcommerce360 highlighted the top 3 areas in which B2B sellers are trying to improve their ecommerce offerings. The infographic draws on data from the company’s B2B E-commerce Buyer Expectations … Continued
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16 B2B Ecommerce Trends Emerging In 2019

Key Trends in B2B E-commerce As of this writing, Forrester has predicted the B2B ecommerce market will break the $1 trillion threshold by the end of 2018, a year earlier than Forrester originally predicted. Countless B2B ecommerce trends are driving … Continued
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