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Watch Out For Adobe, SAP Commerce Cloud

The Future of CX for SAP Companies Forrester recently named SAP Commerce Cloud a leader among B2B commerce suites for Q3 2018. In a sense, this is no surprise. And while SAP Commerce Cloud may be named a leader today, … Continued
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What Amazon’s $10B in B2B Revenue Means for Manufacturers

Amazon Business is Driving B2B Digital Transformation In a recent blog post, Amazon Business reported $10B+ in annualized revenue. That number is staggering. Not only does it reflect the general trend toward ecommerce, but particularly the trend toward B2B ecommerce. … Continued
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How to Minimize Technical Debt in SAP Ecommerce

Technical Debt in Ecommerce In a recent Forbes article, Dr. Setrag Khoshafian discussed technical debt as one of the biggest obstacles to digital transformation. “Technical debt” is the long-term cost an organization incurs from bad IT decisions. It refers to … Continued
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4 Ways CIOs Can Win in #DigitalTransformation

Winning in #DigitalTransformation Our friends at Rimini Street recently conducted a study on the challenges CIOs face when it comes to innovation. The study surveyed 900 IT executives evenly distributed between EMEA, APAC, and the Americas. All in all, the … Continued
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