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3 Takeaways From The Reported Sunsetting Of Oracle Commerce Cloud

In a recent LinkedIn post, industry expert Andy Hoar discussed the reported sunsetting of Oracle Commerce Cloud. While Oracle hasn’t announced anything, it’s worth noting that Andy Hoar has confirmed this from internal sources, and the press has reported on … Continued
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Compare The Top 6 B2B eCommerce Platforms Side-By-Side

Originally published March 6, 2018. Refreshed Jul 12, 2022. In the post-COVID world, B2B eCommerce is essential for manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. Whatever your business model, you need some form of B2B eCommerce. That part’s easy. The hard part is … Continued
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F500 Execs Prioritizing eCommerce (Even In A Tough Labor Market)

A recent post from The Official Board highlighted some fascinating shifts in C-suite focus. Four years ago, the authors identified the distribution of executive functions at Global Fortune 500 companies. They ran the analysis again this year and found significant … Continued
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How Leading Manufacturers Beat Their Peers In B2B eCommerce Growth

It’s no secret that B2B eCommerce was growing before COVID, and that the pandemic accelerated that trend. But just how much is it growing? DigitalCommerce360 reports that manufacturers grew their B2B eCommerce revenue 18.4% in 2021, to $543.25 billion, while … Continued
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