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2020 B2B Ecommerce Trends | COVID-19 Impact & More

B2B Ecommerce Trends 2020/COVID-19 Originally published December 4, 2019. Updated for COVID-19 B2B ecommerce trends 7/30/20. B2B ecommerce is changing fast as 2020 progresses. The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten procurement processes in every industry that purchases physical goods. With both … Continued
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Forrester: B2B Market Prefers Cloud + Prebuilt Integration

Forrester Wave B2B Commerce 2020 The latest Forrester Wave B2B Commerce report offers insight for manufacturers who are evaluating eCommerce solutions. In a blog post summarizing the report, Forrester says: “The devil’s in the versions. We spoke to nearly 40 … Continued
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COVID-19 Impact On Medical B2B eCommerce

Medical eCommerce During COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking up medical eCommerce performance for manufacturers. With elective surgeries on hold while hospitals pivot to COVID-19 treatment, some manufacturers are seeing massive gains, while others are seeing a sharp drop-off. When … Continued
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6 Caveats For Manufacturers Considering CloudCraze

CloudCraze Caveats At Corevist, we often talk to manufacturers who are looking to replace CloudCraze (now called Salesforce B2B Commerce). There’s a consensus among these companies: CloudCraze is too expensive and difficult to maintain. These manufacturers find they can’t justify … Continued
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