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Syncing With Customer Needs: What Manufacturers Can Do

Meeting Buyer Needs As Forrester predicted at the end of last year, the B2B e-commerce market has indeed passed the $1 trillion mark. In the new 2019 U.S. B2B Ecommerce Market Report, Digitalcommerce360 sets that number at $1.08 trillion. For … Continued
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B2B Ecommerce Access For 3PLs – Part II

Ecommerce + 3PLs: Part 2 In Part I of our series on Ecommerce & 3PLs, we covered the unique model which our client on medical/pharma manufacturing developed (and how Corevist Commerce supports that model). In this post, we’ll cover a … Continued
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Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than 100% Self-Service Ordering

The #1 key to 100% self-service ordering In a recent whitepaper called “The Changing Landscape of B2B eCommerce,” the team at Zoey Commerce provides a great deal of information on the complexities of B2B and what to look for in … Continued
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What’s Hottest In B2B: Mobile Readiness, Or ERP Integration?

Mobile Vs. Integration (and why you shouldn’t have to choose) In a recent infographic, Digitalcommerce360 reports on the top priorities of smaller B2B sellers (<$10M) when it comes to new features and functionality in B2B e-commerce platforms. Though the survey … Continued
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