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B2B eCommerce ROI

The Real ROI Of B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce ROI isn’t just about revenue. With the right approach, B2B eCommerce also offers significant cost savings from reduced customer service workload. When you calculate your ROI, you’ll want to assign dollar values to self-service actions taken in the … Continued
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Getting B2B eCommerce ROI Before Your S/4HANA Migration

When it comes to S/4HANA migration and B2B eCommerce, conventional wisdom says, “Wait until your migration is complete before you launch eCommerce.” That reasoning makes a lot of sense if you’re looking at a platform that doesn’t include prebuilt integration … Continued
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The RevOps View Of B2B eCommerce ROI

At a high level, ROI calculations may appear to be simple in the world of B2B eCommerce. Don’t you just divide net B2B eCommerce revenue by the cost of the solution, then turn that into a percentage? Yes—if B2B eCommerce … Continued
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The True Measure Of Success In B2B eCommerce

If B2B eCommerce isn’t generating value, then something is broken. But how do you quantify that value? Which B2B eCommerce KPIs matter most? Is there anything that hard data won’t tell you? Every company will have different answers here, but … Continued
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