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George Anderson


B2B eCommerce ROI isn’t just about revenue. With the right approach, B2B eCommerce also offers significant cost savings from reduced customer service workload.

When you calculate your ROI, you’ll want to assign dollar values to self-service actions taken in the portal. Here’s what that looks like if you’re using Google Analytics 4.


How to control the cost of B2B eCommerce

Clearly, the cost of your B2B eCommerce solution has a huge influence over your final ROI. All the customer service savings in the world won’t help if the increased IT costs offset those savings. 

B2B eCommerce gets expensive when you need a third-party connector to share data with SAP ERP. This complex architecture is difficult to support and upgrade, and it’s the primary source of technical debt when SAP companies do B2B eCommerce.

That’s why the Corevist Platform includes prebuilt integration for ECC and S/4HANA. With Corevist managing your cloud-hosted B2B eCommerce solution, including that SAP integration, you’re in a great place to get significant ROI from eCommerce.

The Corevist Platform | Full SAP Integration Included | Corevist, Inc.

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