Case Study:

Spare Parts & B2B eCommerce

Bell and Howell used SAP-integrated ecommerce to increase sales and reclaim market share for a replacement parts business that had been struggling

The term “spare parts” may conjure up visions of junk yards, but with industrial manufacturers, spare parts represent an opportunity worth billions of dollars for companies willing to manage after-market logistics. Bell and Howell has proven that it’s not only willing but able to play the parts game, and win.

This is the story of a company that weathered bankruptcy and restructuring to emerge as a leaner, more efficient organization with a focus on recapturing a struggling parts business with a new SAP-integrated ecommerce solution from Corevist.


  • A neglected parts site was revived and relaunched
  • The SAP ecommerce site increased revenue by $200,000 a month in the first 60 days


Customers have literally been applauding our changes. I think one of our customers said it best when he summed it up in one word, ‘Hallelujah!’

James Feely
VP and General Manager of Service Solutions
Bell and Howell, LLC

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