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Saving Costs in a Down Economy

Save Money with SAP ecommerce Companies invest in SAP Integrated B2B sell-side eCommerce websites for two reasons.  Either they want to: (1) provide their customers a better order management experience or (2) they want to save on internal processing costs.
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Words Matter

Nomenclature flexibility in SAP ecommerce We’re going to try something a little different with today’s post.  I’ve asked our CTO, Adrian Zehnder, to start authoring posts about some of the key capabilities and features of our service.
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The Perfect Storm for IT Outsourcing

Here comes IT outsourcing There is a silver lining in the dark economic clouds that are hovering over head…at least from our perspective at b2b2dot0.  Bruce Culbert, iSymmetry’s CEO, authored a great article entitled “The Perfect Storm for IT Outsourcing” … Continued
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A Tale of Two Texts

Order header texts, that is. It’s seems obvious that when a customer comes to an SAP integrated B2B sellside ecommerce website that he should be able to include textual information with his order.
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