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Bringing The Intelligent Enterprise To Intelligent Customers

Intelligent enterprise for customers SAP’s concept of the Intelligent Enterprise has served as a rallying cry for manufacturers launching digital transformation. Manufacturers are getting “smarter” every day with SAP’s powerful ERP solutions. Of course, the enterprise isn’t the only one … Continued
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Top 2 Keys To A Smooth B2B eCommerce Project

Friction-free B2B eCommerce B2B eCommerce is a complex initiative which touches all parts of the organization. Customers, customer service, IT, sales, finance, marketing—everyone has a stake in the success of the web channel. How do you handle the complexity of … Continued
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COVID Drives B2B Buyers To Self-Service Ordering

COVID Self-Service Ordering In a recent article, McKinsey & Company reported on the impact which the COVID-19 pandemic has had on B2B buyer preferences. McKinsey noted that 66% of B2B decision-makers now believe self-service is more important to customers than … Continued
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How We Create 99.84% Perfection In 3 Focus Groups

Our Agile methodology B2B eCommerce projects are complex. It’s tempting to try to handle that complexity by grasping for every detail up front, planning it all out, and creating a vast list of requirements before customers or internal users have … Continued
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