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3 Keys To Replacing SAP WCEM Without Losing Functionality

SAP WCEM (Web Channel Experience Management) offered a great solution for organizations doing B2B eCommerce. It was a great step up from SAP Internet Sales, with excellent B2B functionality and a reduced dependence on IT resources for configuration and UI … Continued
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Top 7 eCommerce Strategies In The Manufacturing Sector

For manufacturers, B2B eCommerce strategies are as varied as the markets they serve. Every manufacturer’s distribution relationships work differently, and that has a huge impact on which strategies are appropriate at a given organization. That said, there are several high-level … Continued
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5 Keys to Digital Transformation Of Your Customer Experience

Originally published Sep 24, 2019. Refreshed Oct 20, 2021. Customer experience hasn’t always been top-of-mind for manufacturers. Phone, fax and email were always adequate for order entry and post-order inquiries. All that changed in the wake of the pandemic and the … Continued
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Should We Wait For Our S/4HANA Migration To Launch Corevist Commerce?

As the market is starting to migrate to S/4HANA, we’re seeing more and more manufacturers wrestling with a difficult question. Do we launch an ERP-integrated B2B eCommerce solution now, or do we wait until we’ve migrated to S/4HANA? When it … Continued
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