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4 Key Metrics For Growth-Oriented B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce Growth Metrics At Corevist, our goal is to make B2B eCommerce accessible to all manufacturers running SAP ERP. A key part of that is giving manufacturers the tools they need to measure eCommerce success. To that end, every … Continued
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Forrester: B2B Market Prefers Cloud + Prebuilt Integration

Forrester Wave B2B Commerce 2020 The latest Forrester Wave B2B Commerce report offers insight for manufacturers who are evaluating eCommerce solutions. In a blog post summarizing the report, Forrester says: “The devil’s in the versions. We spoke to nearly 40 … Continued
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80% Of B2B Leaders Will Retain New Selling Models After COVID-19

B2B Selling Models After COVID-19 A recent survey from McKinsey & Company, a global consulting firm, uncovered some fascinating trends in the response of B2B decision-makers to the COVID-19 crisis. The respondents included 3,600+ B2B decision-makers at global companies in … Continued
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Weighing Customizations Against Their Repercussions

Strategic Customization Management In the world of SAP-integrated eCommerce, most manufacturers end up choosing to do a little customization to bring their unique business processes to the web. We’ve seen many intelligent customizations over the years—for example: A tweak to … Continued
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