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How To Automate Email Orders To Post To SAP ERP

No doubt about it, email orders cause friction for B2B companies. Even if customers use approved templates for their PDF orders, you can still encounter problems.  Granted, customers may appreciate the convenience of ordering via email, as they can export … Continued
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The Real ROI Of B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce ROI isn’t just about revenue. With the right approach, B2B eCommerce also offers significant cost savings from reduced customer service workload. When you calculate your ROI, you’ll want to assign dollar values to self-service actions taken in the … Continued
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Composable Commerce For Companies On SAP?

SAP’s recent CX Live event, in New York, offered an in-depth perspective on the question of composable commerce. Gartner speaks highly of this architecture, while Forrester’s 2023 Commerce Predictions report offers caveats about composable commerce. What does all this mean … Continued
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Getting B2B eCommerce ROI Before Your S/4HANA Migration

When it comes to S/4HANA migration and B2B eCommerce, conventional wisdom says, “Wait until your migration is complete before you launch eCommerce.” That reasoning makes a lot of sense if you’re looking at a platform that doesn’t include prebuilt integration … Continued
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