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Sam Bayer is the Founder & CEO of Corevist. His mission is to capitalize on the convergence of the growing popularity of Cloud delivered services and the consumerization of B2B ecommerce to build a company that delivers real value to his clients and a great place to work for his team.

The SAP Indirect Access Elephant in the Room

Confronting the elephant We’re approaching 100 days since SAP’s April 10, 2018 announcement of the industry’s “first of a kind” pricing model based on digital access.  Unfortunately, the proverbial Indirect Access elephant is still in the room.  As of this … Continued
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Teradata Sues SAP for IP Theft and Anti-Trust Violations – HANA’s Future in Jeopardy?

Did I just write that? SAP accused of monopolistic behavior? SAP HANA’s future might be in jeopardy?  Say what? Yup. One week ago today Teradata, a US based >$2B software provider of database and analytics related products and services, filed … Continued
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SAPPHIRE 2018 – 7 Takeaways for B2B Manufacturers

Thoughts from SAPPHIRE 2018 “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Another year… another SAPPHIRE… another speech.” With those words, Hasso Plattner kicked off his keynote session at SAPPHIRE 2018. Is it just me, or did those words ring a little hollow?
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SAP Indirect Access – The Next Chapter

Moving Forward with Indirect Access Queue the Press. Queue the Analysts. Queue the SAP User Group Executives. The moment we’ve all been waiting for since SAPPHIRE 2017.  
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