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Why We Love Customer Focus Groups

The power of customer focus groups A couple of  weeks ago, we staged our second Customer Focus Group on our soon to be released eInvoice capability for SAP.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since and wanted to share with … Continued
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Nordson Wins a “Progressive Manufacturer” of 2009 Award!

Today was an awesome day! We were just notified by Kim MacIntosh, the SAP eCommerce Manager at Nordson’s EFD Division in Rhode Island that “we” were chosen as one of Managing Automation’s Progressive Manufacturer 100 (PM100) Award Winners for our … Continued
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Is Your Project in Trouble? Throw a Party!

This essay was originally published as an E-Mail Advisor in the Cutter IT Journal.6 November 2002 Bringing Temporary Order to Chaotic IT Projects by Sam Bayer My wife and I have a technique we use to ensure that we stay … Continued
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The Reality of SAP Integration in Real Time

There’s real time… and there’s real time We’ve been living and breathing real-time integration with SAP for the last 10 years. Initially it was almost like magic.  You could literally hear people say “those guys really DO get data out … Continued
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