Insights from our team

Mass Customization

Finding Balance in Mass Customization Mass customization is defined as "producing goods and services to meet individual customer’s needs with near mass production efficiency".  Henry Ford popularized mass production in the early 1900’s in part by adhering to his mantra … Continued
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Lean Principles – Customer value

How b2b2dot0 runs lean b2b2dot0 embraces the five major imperatives of the Lean methodology: Define customer value – Define not only what our customers value, but what their customers value as well. Create pull – Establish a demand for our … Continued
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Quick…what does b2b2dot0 do?

b2b2dot0 in a nutshell We provide a hosted migration path for the old HAHT Order Management (OM) customers*. We provide a hosted B2B Sellside Web Order Management solution for Suppliers running SAP. The first answer is instantly understood by only … Continued
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Welcome to TheAgileStartup

The Launch of B2B2dot0 (now Corevist) The preliminaries are now out of the way.  For the last six months, my partners and I (Joe Pryor and Adrian Zehnder), have been trying to do everything in our power to dissuade ourselves … Continued
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