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SAP eCommerce with Corevist: A Cool and Secure Solution

At Corevist, we pay careful attention to a client’s pain points as we design and implement an SAP eCommerce solution. While every client is different, there’s one big, scary question that almost everyone asks. “Is your solution secure?” If you haven’t already guessed it, this is a very scary question for a prospect to ask […]

There is no They at Corevist

They, They, They.

Goodbye Bank. Your New Software Sucks.

Banks are a commodity.  Their core business is to manage deposits, make loans and manage the spread between them.  They perform these activities under careful scrutiny and regulation by the Federal Government.  Banks primarily compete on price and service.  Price isn’t much of a differentiator because how much difference is there really between 0.95% and […]

Hands-Free Email Replies: SAP Price and Availability Bot

To the readers of Corevist’s blog, I’m very excited to announce, that starting with this post, you’ll regularly be reading the writings of the newest member of the Corevist team, George Anderson.  He comes on board as a dedicated writer for us which is in response to the growing backlog of content that we’ve not been able to […]

12 Key Job Roles for B2B eCommerce Success

I originally published this blog post on April 8, 2014  when we were B2B2dot0.  Since the topic is as relevant today as it was then, I decided to republish it here today. Sam I just came across this article over at entitled “12 Key Job Roles for B-to-B eCommerce Success”.  What amazed me most was […]

Look Ma! – No Hands SAP B2B eCommerce

I just got back from a trip to Cleveland, Ohio where I visited two of our long standing clients.  Nothing energizes me more than seeing our service in action at our clients’ businesses.  Our Cleveland contingent really blew me away with their accomplishments.

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