The Replacement Part Problem in B2B eCommerce

In sales training classes, you’re always taught identify your clients’ pain points.  Identify the pain and offer a solution. Seems simple enough, right?  Well it is, unless you’re trying to figure out how to get information that is stashed away in SAP to magically appear on your B2B eCommerce website.

Over the past few months, I have spoken to manufacturers that make wildly different things – from medical devices and electronics to aftermarket truck and car parts. Each company is different and has its own unique problems and pain points. But, there’s one pain they all share.

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Corevist Simplifies SAP

I’ve spent the last 9 years trying to come up with a concise description of what we do at Corevist.  You’d think that it shouldn’t be that hard.  With that said, anyone that has wrestled with the “how do you describe what you do at a party” challenge knows exactly how hard it can be! Read more

Intershop Releases 2016 B2B eCommerce Report

News flash.  B2B eCommerce has arrived.

Intershop’s latest market research offering, “Designed to evaluate the current state-of-play of digital B2B commerce today”, opens by declaring that “…B2B businesses have firmly grasped the potential of online digital commerce”.  Firms that have adopted B2B eCommerce are more efficient, are generating more total sales, more sales per sales representative, more sales per client, and more new clients.  These B2B eCommerce adopters are also able to launch new products faster and reach more global audiences easier.

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Caution. Integrating SAP to Magento Is Life Threatening!

This is a quote from a LinkedIn message that I received on Thanksgiving Day:

“Most of the companies in Brazil are using SAP, and that integration, historically has been seen as a nightmare. If I could have more technical info about COREVIST and train my people to use it, I would save literally lives, jobs, maybe companies, I am not exaggerating after the experiences that I had.”

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Welcome to our new Director of Sales, Ariel Mordetsky!

ariel-85Ariel Mordetsky, is settling into his new role as Director of Sales at Corevist, and enjoying the process along the way. “This is truly an employee-owned environment where we all get feedback and can communicate with each other openly. After experiencing the startup space over the years, it has been refreshing to come into this environment knowing that many of the policies and procedures are already in place and well documented. It sets our whole team up for success so that we can handle anything that’s thrown our way,” he says.

As a self-proclaimed work-a-holic, one of the things that excites Ariel the most about working with Corevist is the growth potential. “We are laser focused on such a defined niche that needs to be filled. The opportunity is completely open and I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for us.”

Outside of work, Ariel enjoys spending time with his wife and their two daughters, eight-year-old Skylar and four-year-old Juliette. He says, “I spend my free time going to dance and cheerleading practice. I’m also trying to get them to accept that football is a legitimate sport that they should appreciate. They enjoy watching games with me and seeing me get animated. They’ve also gotten pretty good at screaming out ‘touchdown’ throughout the game.”

With a degree in Marine Biology, Ariel has a passion for scuba diving and has had the privilege of diving around the world. He has enjoyed scuba diving in South Florida, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Hawaii. He says, “My perfect weekend would include scuba diving somewhere in the tropics.”

Ariel put his Marine Biology background to use while spending his ‘working vacation’ after college working as a marine mammal trainer. “It was a lot of hard work and it was a great job, but ultimately, I decided to get back into software sales, where I had previous experience.” Ariel and his family relocated from Florida to North Carolina in 2015, to be closer to his wife’s family.

The Human Side of SAP & Magento Integrated B2B eCommerce

Today is a first for Corevist.

After almost nine years in business, it is the first time that a client of ours sent us a thank you note for helping them launch their brand new SAP & Magento integrated B2B eCommerce website…hint hint hint.

I get that that is what they paid us to do and that they certainly didn’t have to take the time to write us the kind, warm and heartfelt thank you note that they did.  Nevertheless, it was a very kind gesture that reminded me that while standing up these websites entails an awful lot of technological dexterity, in the end it’s really all about people, making them successful and being appreciated for doing so.

It’s nice to remember that we’re all human beings here.

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Is the term “Scalable Lifestyle” a business oxymoron?

Today’s post is inspired by the fact that today is Labor Day in the US and we’re encouraged to contemplate and celebrate work.

On the day that Corevist was founded in 2008 I proclaimed my intention to create a scalable lifestyle business.  That simply meant that I wanted to continue to live the lifestyle that I’d been enjoying for the previous 8 years and to scale it up so that it wasn’t so dependent upon me alone.  I was excited about the prospect that in so doing I would be privileged to share the joy of “the lifestyle” with a larger circle of people.

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