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Sam Bayer


Happy 10th Anniversary!

Wow. Today marks ten years of Corevist. That’s ten years of rewriting the rules in SAP e-commerce. Ten years of positive growth. Ten years of working to satisfy our clients. In the software market, a decade in business is a long time.

In this post, I’d like to reflect on how we’ve not only survived, but thrived. I’d like to do that by sharing some numbers with you. A few surprising stats, a few goofy ones, and plenty that are seriously impressive. Behind these numbers are people—our clients, our employees, and our partners. We wouldn’t be here without all of you. Thank you for making this journey possible!

Let’s look back on 10 years of Corevist. These stats and stories speak for themselves.

10 Years of Living Life at Corevist

An entire decade in business means we’ve been through many life events together. I’ve been blessed with 2 grandchildren. We’ve had babies born, kids shipped off to college, weddings, illnesses and sadly some of us have had to deal with deaths in the family. But that’s what life is all about. We’re all grateful for a place to come to work where we’re respected as individuals, have an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute in meaningful ways, add value to our clients, and have a shared experience with people that we respect.

From a personal perspective, that’s an amazing ten years. Now let me tell you about the business perspective. It’s pretty amazing too.

10 Years of Positive Annual Growth

In ten years, Corevist has never experienced negative growth. Never. And we launched our company (as B2B2dot0) just as the financial markets began to collapse in early 2008. How have we grown every single year? That’s a simple question with a complex answer that depends on many factors in our market. But I know that we have a part to play, too. Our 5 core values guide our every decision—the way we treat our customers and ourselves.

I could show you a lot of growth stats. But I’m just going to show you one–my favorite.

Average Annual Growth Rate: 33.00% over the last nine years.

That stat makes me incredibly proud. Of course, it isn’t just me—Corevist is a team. We couldn’t have done this without our Corevist family and our amazing clients.

2 Fortune 100 Clients

In 2008, the last thing on my mind was whether B2B2dot0 (now Corevist) would ever work with Fortune 100 clients. Our goal was to disrupt SAP e-commerce and give the market what it really wanted–a cloud-based B2B e-commerce solution that offered real time integration to SAP. No vendor offered that at the time. (Hint: Ten years later, we’re still the only ones doing it.)

We never intended to get in front of the Fortune 100. In fact, we made a conscious decision not to do business with them. They would just suck up our resources during the sales cycle and end up choosing the “industry standard” solution. The last thing they wanted was to go with a “disrupter”. They wanted safe. For a small company with limited resources, you have to pick your battles. Engaging the F100 wasn’t a practical use of our time. It satisfied our egos to say we were being evaluated by them… and they did evaluate us… but no deals.

Until early 2015, when a Fortune 100 innovator found us.

Then it happened again in 2016.

What an amazing accomplishment for us–a small “niche” company counting 2 Fortune 100 companies among its clients. That’s a major statement about our competition, our value proposition, and our culture. Companies that make $40B-$60B a year in revenue have many choices about who they do business with. The fact that they have entrusted us to interact with their customers on a daily basis is humbling. It should also make our “smaller” clients feel proud and confident that they are doing business with Corevist, a company that serves the Fortune 100.

103 Nondisclosure Agreements Signed with Partners

I had to dig into our records to find this stat—but I found it. In 10 years, we’ve signed 103 nondisclosure agreements with partners. That means 10 years of active conversations with all sorts of people. We’ve worked with an entire ecosystem of service providers to determine what’s the best configuration of technologies and people to solve this SAP e-commerce challenge. We’ve put in tons of energy and effort to build up a community that can serve the unique needs of our target market.

Is every partner still with us today? No… sometimes partnerships end as one or both parties realize they need to move on. But that’s what it takes to grow. Ultimately, we’re better, and our clients are better, because of the relationships we’ve forged.

125 eCommerce Websites Created

In 10 years, we’ve built 125 eCommerce websites—and we’re still counting. These sites serve customers across a wide variety of industries in B2B, B2C, and mixed scenarios. We’ve integrated Magento e-commerce to SAP more times than we can count. We’ve also integrated to Drupal and Salesforce. Our real-time calls to SAP are lean, flexible, and adaptable. We put them to work for all kinds of companies all around the globe.

Which reminds me…

Corevist Has Been a Global Company from Day 1

How many software companies can claim that? Not many. Of course, our situation is unique–one of our founders, Adrian Zehnder, lives in Switzerland (and did so when we founded the company). From that beginning, we now have a full-blown development and support organization in Belarus, plus an office in Germany.

Our global presence means we must place a high priority on accurate translations for B2B e-commerce. We do. In fact…

Corevist Is Live in 10 Languages

Corevist started in one language—US English. Today, I can proudly say that we’re live in 10 languages all across the globe:

  1. English (US and UK)
  2. German
  3. Dutch
  4. French
  5. Danish
  6. Swedish
  7. Norwegian
  8. Polish
  9. Spanish
  10. Portuguese

16,000 Orders Processed Monthly

As I write, we process around 16,000 orders per month across all of our clients. In the world of B2B, that’s a big number—because over the last 6 months, average order value across all clients was $3,222.62.

Here’s the part I really love: from July to November 2017, our total monthly order volume rose 35.7%. Our clients are still growing their businesses, and they’re getting value directly from the real-time e-commerce integration to SAP that we provide.

We’ve Worked with 40 CIOs

In the space of 10 years, we’ve had the privilege to work with 40+ different CIOs. We’ve been exposed to 40+ different perspectives on SAP data management. But we’ve also learned what makes CIOs tick. We’ve learned that at the end of the day, most CIOs actually want the same thing when it comes to e-commerce… at least the ones we end up working with. They want data integrity across any and all platforms. They want a safe, secure e-commerce store that grows their business without adding significant maintenance cost. And they don’t want any more work for their IT department. That’s exactly what we deliver!

Two Inc5000 Awards (and counting)

It feels odd to put this last. We made the Inc 5000 list two years in a row, and I’m just now getting to that?

Actually, we never would have received these awards if it weren’t for everything I listed above. Two Inc 5000 placements reflects the incredible dedication of our team (and the incredible value we bring to the SAP e-commerce market).

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The Takeaway

I take pride in the fact that after 10 years, we are still employee-owned, still growing profitably, and still true to our original mission—all that in spite of picking the worst time in history, 2008, to start a new company. Even better? In spite of the market stifling illegal stance which SAP has taken on indirect access over the last 18 months, we’re still thriving.

When I founded this company with Adrian Zehnder and Joe Pryor, I had unfinished business in the SAP ecommerce world. I’m thrilled to say that ten years later, we’ve accomplished more than I ever dared to dream—and we’re still growing, still providing the best SAP e-commerce solution on the planet.

Our first decade was a great success. Here’s to many more!