Sam Bayer


Inc 5000–again!

We did it! For the second year in a row, Corevist has been named an Inc 5000 company. What an incredible honor. As Inc put it on their website last year, the Inc 5000 firms are the “superheroes of the U.S. economy.”


That puts us in some amazing company—and it means we have quite a responsibility in our market. We take that responsibility seriously.

To that end, I’d like to share some reflections with you on what this means for our clients and our company. Here’s why the Inc 5000 ranking means so much to us—and here’s what we’re doing to get even better.

We are SAP-certified Magento Technology Partners

All of our projects involve integrating to SAP, in real time, via web services; and many of them involve a Magento storefront talking to SAP via those web services.

Good thing we’re officially recognized by both vendors!

Prospects no longer have to email us in the dead of night from a secret email address. Our Corevist 2.0 interface software is officially certified on SAP NetWeaver technology. We integrate eCommerce to SAP using real-time SAP data, with no disruption to the existing SAP installation.

We’re also official Magento Technology Partners. We integrate Magento to SAP for B2B companies. That gives them the best of both worlds: All the control that Marketing wants (to build a rich, branded commerce experience), and the total data integrity that IT wants (no data duplication, no batch uploads of orders to SAP, etc.)

We’re growing carefully

We’ve grown 108% over the last 3 years.  While we’ve added several new faces and many new processes over that time, we haven’t changed at our core. This is in stark contrast to some Inc 5000 companies that have imploded after aggressive, misguided growth. Here’s how we’re different:

  • Our market is stable proven market. SAP is the third largest software company in the world and according to Panorama Consulting, owns about 19% of the manufacturing market for ERP.
  • Our market desperately needs SAP-integrated eCommerce, and they’re used to paying too much for it.
  • Our culture as a Scalable Lifestyle Company helps us employ—and keep—the top talent in our market. (More on that below.)
  • While our core Corevist product is always evolving, we’re sticking with what we know—SAP-integrated eCommerce for B2B manufacturers.

We are innovators and disruptors

From the very beginning, we said our mission was to disrupt SAP B2B eCommerce. We’ve already succeeded in that goal. Our solution is more efficient than SAP Hybris. It’s leaner and much, much easier on existing IT resources. (In fact, many of our clients run Corevist with 0 impact on their IT teams.)

Our solution is also cheaper. How much cheaper? Roughly ten times.

Yes, you read that right.

In other words, SAP B2B eCommerce is already disrupted, and the disruptor is Corevist. We’re here, and we aren’t going anywhere.

We are the future

We’ve been a Scalable Lifestyle Company since our founding in 2008. As a remote company, we’re made up of passionate people working all over the world. This model allows us to cut out waste—both in our own overhead, and in the lives of our team.

Companies are looking to us as a leader in the virtual work model. They’re looking for the gains that we’ve seen in the remote model—gains which include:

  • No real estate overhead for our offices.
  • The ability to hire top talent without requiring them to relocate.
  • The ability for our employees to respond quickly to support issues.
  • The ability for our employees to set their own schedule (within reason).
  • The ability for our employees to maintain good mental health.
  • The ability for our employees to skip the morning commute.

The Takeaway

We’re incredibly honored by our second consecutive Inc 5000 listing. As we continue to pursue our leadership position in the SAP B2B eCommerce market, we fully expect our growth to continue. The market needs us, and we’re ready. We couldn’t be happier.