Magento SAP Integration.

We’re Magento Technology Partners. And we’re SAP certified.

Bring the power of self-service ordering to your distributors, dealers, customers, and sales reps by leveraging your SAP data for eCommerce.
No data duplication or replication. Just real-time SAP integration.

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Give your B2B customers what they want with our Magento-ready solution

How it works

Our SAP® eCatalog connector for Magento doesn’t replicate, duplicate or synchronize transactional data between SAP® and Magento.  Instead, we keep your core business data where it belongs — in SAP®.

That means you get the best of both worlds.  You can leverage the investment you already have in SAP®.  Plus, you can take advantage of Magento’s powerful content management and marketing features to create beautiful, branded websites.

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Your b2b customers are validated against information in SAP® at login. Once logged in, your B2B customers only see what they’re supposed to see…based on the business rules you set in SAP®.
Even if you manufacture and support multiple brands, your b2b users will be routed to their own personalized online catalog, with the right branding and the appropriate product & price based on what’s in SAP®.
Provide your B2B customers with the information they need, when they want it. Because Corevist provides a real-time window into your SAP system, all of the information displayed on your Magento site is up to the second.
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We’ve bypassed the Magento shopping cart functionality and replaced it with our own custom, SAP®-integrated shopping cart. This ensures real-time inventory and SAP® business rule enforcement. Our integration eliminates the need to duplicate information or maintain it in two places.

Magento-to-SAP Integration Highlights

Corevist’s method of connecting Magento to SAP® is completely independent of the user interface design. That means your design team is free to customize the look and feel of your customer-facing Magento site to suit your needs.

Your online b2b customers will only see what they’re supposed to see…based on the business rules you set in SAP®.  You can create customized micro-catalogs for individual customers or groups of customers. As customers log in, they are automatically routed to the right catalog, with the right products and pricing based on your business rules.

While your web customers browse and shop for products, they can see real-time availability, as it is defined in SAP®.  Your SAP® item inventory is affected by web transactions. The inventory is decreased on the web and in SAP® whenever any online order is placed. Also, any stock update in SAP® simultaneously updates the stock in your Magento storefront.  If an item is out of stock, and an estimated arrival date exists in SAP®, you can choose to show that to your web customers.

Our SAP®-integrated shopping cart and checkout process ensures that all SAP® ordering rules, freight and tax calculations are executed as transactions are processed, in real time — eliminating any errors or data inconsistencies.

Informed customers are satisfied customers. Give your dealers, distributors and sales reps real-time, self-service access to the questions they ask the most, like “Where is my order?”, “When will it arrive?”, and “Can I have another copy of that invoice?”.

Special Prices or discounts for a particular period can be assigned to particular customers, customer groups, items, or item groups from SAP® and immediately reflected in your Magento storefront.

Discounts made in the web shop are taken into account in SAP® and reflected on the sales order.

Using our system, your customers can pay open invoices using e-check, ACH, or a credit card and payments are posted directly in SAP®.

Corevist’s cloud-based application enables you to have your new web sales channel up and running in a short time. With minimal up-front implementation costs, your ROI becomes achievable in a few months.

Once Corevist establishes a secure connection to your SAP® system, we leverage all of the work you have done and ensure that SAP® remains your system of record.

Our servers are colocated at Windstream, a SSAE 16, SOC 1, Type II compliant data center. Windstream’s data centers are built to a 2N power distribution design standard and feature dedicated redundant elements from top to bottom.

We establish a secure HTTPS connection with your customers, provide a fully redundant, no-single-point-of-failure infrastructure, and connect with you via a secure virtual private network. Our Service Level Agreement includes a guarantee of 99.9% up time.

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Our approach to Magento-SAP integration is different.  Download this free data sheet to see how our method differs from every other vendor out there.