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Corevist is your one-stop shop for Magento and SAP.


We’ve taken the best aspects of Magento (catalog, search, merchandising), added our advanced B2B functionality (customer-specific pricing, ATP, pay/view open invoices) and integrated it with SAP for real-time product and user data. If you’re interested in Magento, but  want a more robust B2B solution and understand the necessity of integrating your ERP, Corevist is here to help.


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So What Is Corevist?

Corevist is a B2B digital commerce platform with flexible solutions for all B2B use cases. In 2008, manufacturers had few online ordering options, so we launched a web portal solution natively integrated to SAP. Around 2012, we added Magento as a partner, expanding our offering to include enhanced browsing, search, merchandising, and marketing capabilities.

Since then, we’ve become experts in Magento 1 & Magento 2 while also expanding our SAP integration offerings.

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Why Choose One Partner?

Integrating Magento and SAP - Why You Should Choose One Partner

Because integrating Magento to SAP is just the beginning.

It’s not enough to stand up Magento and connect it to SAP. That’s why Corevist is your partner for all things Magento/SAP. With Corevist, you get:

  • One throat to choke for all things ecommerce.
  • Your unique, branded Magento storefront(s)
  • Our prebuilt, real-time Magento-SAP integration
  • Ongoing growth consulting
  • Ongoing technical support

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No More Coordinating Multiple Vendors.

We’re Your Partner For All Things Ecommerce.

Magento SAP Integration | One Partner Or Many? | Corevist

Put Your Customers First.

Leverage Magento UX with SAP Integration | Corevist

Leverage Magento’s Best-In-Class User Experience.

Forrester reports that 63% of B2B buyers conduct online research before buying. The days of phone, fax, and email ordering are over. So what are you waiting for? Give your customers the intuitive buying experience they want. With Magento integrated to SAP, your buyers get:

  • Product images, videos, how-to’s, customer reviews, and more
  • Personalized pricing from SAP
  • Real-time inventory data from SAP
  • Related products for cross-sell/upsell
  • Intelligent search—and much more

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Use Our Prebuilt Magento SAP Integration.

Our Secret? It’s The Architecture.

Where other solutions depend on a simple Magento-SAP connector, Corevist is a holistic managed solution with prebuilt integration at the core. Our Magento SAP integration allows your Magento store and SAP to interact in real time. No batch updates, no sync problems, and no order errors.

Don’t reinvent the wheel with costly custom integration. Our solution is 80% done when you sign. We spend the next 90 days configuring our Magento SAP integration to your unique needs.

Download this guide to our EXCLUSIVE approach:

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Doing It Yourself?

Here’s what it takes to integrate Magento and SAP.


There are 10 essential steps you’ll need to cover (click to jump):

1. Build The Order Creation Integration

Magento SAP integration depends on 100% accurate order posting to SAP.

See what it takes

2. Build the order tracking integration

Your Magento SAP integration needs to display full order history from SAP.

See what it takes

3. Build the A/R Integration

Integrating Magento and SAP? Don’t neglect crucial A/R data.

See what it takes

4. Build the documents integration

B2B customers often need to reprint documents which live in SAP.

See what it takes

5. Build the master data integration

You need to load Magento with SAP business rules to the web for customers, pricing, and products.

See what it takes

6. Build the object integration

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to keep a Magento-SAP integration working smoothly.

See what it takes

7. Build the Magento front end

Someone has to develop your Magento store and prime it for SAP integration.

See what it takes

8. Build the product catalog

You need to couple Magento’s rich content capabilities with real-time SAP data.

See what it takes

9. Design & configure the front end

No one wants a boring user experience in Magento.

See what it takes

10. Configure the SAP integration

No two Magento-SAP integrations are alike. You need an out-of-the-box solution that’s still configurable.

See what it takes

Your Partner For Everything Magento & SAP

Grow Your Magento SAP Integrated Web Channel | Corevist

It’s not enough to integrate Magento and SAP.

You’ll never reach your goal if you don’t define it. So how much revenue do you want to get through your web channel?

Define your revenue goal, and we’ll help you get there. Our team has 300,000+ hours of experience. We know what it takes to grow ecommerce, whether it’s onboarding existing customers or growing your market share.   


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We Built It, So We Support It.

The Journey Doesn’t Stop With Go-Live.

Magento-SAP integration works best as a managed ecommerce solution. That’s why we stick around, every step of the way. You get intense personal attention throughout the project phase. After Go-Live, we’re available 24x7x365, with <30 minute response for critical issues.

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Magento SAP Integration Support | Choose One Partner | Corevist

Magento SAP Integration

Here’s what it takes to get it right:

1. Build the order creation integration between Magento and SAP

The order creation integration between Magento and SAP is the linchpin of your entire solution. If your Magento store can’t post orders to SAP in real time, hands-free, it will fail your customers. Order errors will arise when SAP and Magento are out of sync, or when a customer orders a disallowed or discontinued SKU.

This is incredibly difficult to build from scratch. You have to duplicate all of your relevant business rules from SAP in Magento—and potentially in middleware, too, if you decide not to launch a direct, real-time integration like ours.

Alternative: Use our prebuilt integration

Corevist Commerce includes prebuilt integration between Magento and SAP for order creation. It posts orders to SAP in real time, and it’s guaranteed 100% error-free. Because it’s prebuilt, it’s up and running on Day 1, and it’s configurable to meet your unique needs.

2. Build the order tracking integration with SAP

Let’s say you have the order placement integration covered. Customers can place orders in Magento, and those orders will get to SAP.

But how do you return order history from SAP to Magento?

You’ll have to integrate your Magento store to SAP with order data returned by customer. What’s more, you’ll have to integrate with whatever major shipping carriers you use. This can be a sizable undertaking.

Alternative: Use our prebuilt integration

Corevist Commerce includes a prebuilt order tracking integration. It’s ready to go on Day 1, displaying your customer’s entire order history from SAP within the web channel. And it’s fully configurable to meet the unique needs of your business.

3. Build the A/R integration with SAP

Your Magento store won’t be much good for B2B without an A/R integration. If you want your customers to use the web portal to do business with you, then you need to provide ways for them to manage their accounts in the portal. That means an A/R integration with SAP that allows them to search open invoices, see open items, see payment history, and pay for open items.

So how do you display this A/R information from SAP in Magento? And how do you allow customers to pay down open items, with those invoices marked as paid in SAP, in real time?

Alternative: Use our prebuilt integration

Corevist Commerce includes a prebuilt A/R integration. On Day 1, it’s ready to display your customer’s open invoices from SAP within the customer portal. It’s prebuilt to accept payment on open items and mark those items as paid in SAP. And even though it’s prebuilt, it’s configurable to the needs of your business.

4. Build the integration for associated documents and objects

A lot of miscellaneous integration points fall under this heading. But just because they’re miscellaneous doesn’t mean they aren’t important. You need to make sure your integration covers things like:

  • Sample BTE user exit for A/R statements
  • Refresh dynamic product proposal data
  • Generate PDF of document output type
  • Generate pricing details for carts, orders, and invoices.
  • Calculate additional header totals for carts, orders, and invoices.
  • Read SAP short dumps.
  • And more.

Alternative: Use our prebuilt integration

Corevist Commerce includes prebuilt integration for all these miscellaneous integration points (and more). In standing up numerous Magento SAP integrations, we’ve learned which auxiliary integration points are essential for B2B, and we’ve built them into our out-of-the-box integration. Like all of our other integration points, these are configurable to your unique business needs.

5. Build the master data integration for customers and materials

This part is essential if you want your Magento-SAP integration to display personalized pricing and personalized catalogs. Since everything about your customers and your products lives in SAP—including the relationships between customers and products—you need to find a way to get your Magento store to abide by the same rules.

At a high level, here are your options:

  • Batch updates via middleware between Magento and SAP (must rebuild and maintain all relevant business rules in 2-3 places; batch updates can lead to SAP and Magento being out of sync).
  • Real-time middleware solution between Magento and SAP (must rebuild and maintain all relevant business rules in 2-3 places).
  • Real-time direct integration (like Corevist Commerce).

For more information, see this post: Direct E-commerce Integration vs. Middleware.

Solution: Our prebuilt, direct, real-time integration

Corevist Commerce includes prebuilt integration between Magento and SAP for all relevant master data. In Corevist, customers and materials are handled exactly as they are in SAP—because Corevist acts as a window into your SAP system. Rather than requiring you to rebuild all those business rules, Corevist brings your existing SAP business rules to the web so your customers get personalized pricing and personalized catalogs. This integration is prebuilt and ready to go on Day 1, and it’s fully configurable to your unique needs.

6. Build the integration for technical and foundational objects

There are a lot of supporting integration points required for a healthy Magento SAP integration. If you’re building your own integration, you need to account for technical and foundational objects like:

  • Program to find customers/materials/orders/invoices.
  • A way to generate mock data.
  • Magento material data extract
  • Test execution of PDF generation for Adobe.
  • Export translations for units of measure.
  • And more

Alternative: Use our prebuilt integration

The Corevist Commerce integration accounts for all of these technical and foundational objects, right out of the box. This is all ready to go on Day 1, with full configurability for your unique SAP system and business needs.

7. Build the Magento web shop front end

This is the first item on our list which you won’t have much trouble sourcing. Magento has a vast community of design/development shops which can stand up your Magento storefront.

The trouble is, your requirement to integrate to SAP adds complications. Most Magento devs won’t be able to help you with the other points we’ve listed in this article. That means you’ll have to coordinate multiple partners to get your Magento store 1) stood up, and 2) integrated to SAP.

Alternative: Engage Corevist as your Magento shop

Not only do we give you our prebuilt Magento-SAP integration, but we stand up your Magento instance, too. There’s no need to gather multiple partners and try to coordinate on a big, unwieldy project. In fact, we find it’s much simpler for our clients if they have “one throat to choke” for their web channel. That’s why we cover all the bases, including Magento development.

8. Build the product catalog with rich content

To help your customers find the right products and make informed purchases, you need to provide a catalog within your Magento store.

But how will you populate that catalog with content?

Admittedly, prepping catalog content is one of the biggest tasks awaiting any Magento-SAP project. We encourage our clients not to hold the project hostage to catalog content. It’s okay to launch with placeholder images, especially in B2B, where your customers may already know what they’re looking for.

Alternative: Launch an order entry portal first, add a catalog later

If your product content is ready to go, that’s fantastic—proceed with your Magento-SAP-integrated catalog. But if you’re struggling to get that data together, there’s no need to delay your web channel until you have everything ready. You can launch Corevist Self Serve Ordering now, then add a product catalog when you’re ready.

That’s exactly what our client Mannington Mills did—and when they added a catalog with rich content, their sales through Corevist Commerce grew 150%. Check out this webinar for more: How to Drive Sales with Better User Experiences.

9. Configure the front end for branding and UX

Here’s the beauty of Magento: It gives you total freedom to design the branding and user experience which you need. As you’re building your own Magento-SAP integration, this is one of the last bases you’ll need to cover. And like #7 above, you’ll need to find a Magento shop to handle this for you. Given the UX needs which your SAP integration dictates, that could get complicated, simply because there aren’t many Magento firms which have experience integrating Magento to SAP.

Alternative: Engage Corevist as your Magento shop

Our mission is to be your “one throat to choke” for SAP-Magento integrated ecommerce. That includes your unique, branded user experience. Rather than trying to coordinate multiple partners, you can engage us to handle every aspect of your project.

10. Configure the SAP integration to your unique SAP system

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 11+ years doing SAP ecommerce, it’s this: When it comes to details of SAP configuration, no 2 SAP systems are alike!

This is the last step in building your Magento SAP integration, and it’s absolutely essential. Not only do you need to construct the integration from scratch, but you need to configure the fine points to meet the needs of your unique business processes.

Alternative: Let us configure our prebuilt integration to your unique needs

At Corevist, we believe it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel and then configure it. It’s better to use a prebuilt integration, where 80% of the heavy lifting is done, and refine that solution to a client’s unique needs. That’s how we integrate Magento to SAP. With 125+ storefronts live, using our architecture, we like to think it’s working pretty well.

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