Need to integrate Magento & SAP?

Traditional connectors increase technical debt.
Corevist offers real-time SAP integration for Magento without
duplicate systems, data, or processes.

For S/4HANA and ECC

Magento-SAP connectors create problems | Corevist, Inc.

Magento-SAP connectors weren’t built for B2B.

Most connectors treat Magento & SAP as separate systems. They create duplicate copies of business rules and data, which leads to all kinds of problems in a B2B scenario. You’ll have to map ALL the complexity of SAP into your connector (and into Magento)—then maintain those duplicate systems forever.

Ultimately, the “duplicate & synchronize” approach can threaten the viability of your web channel.

What if you could ACTUALLY integrate Magento to SAP?

Zoom out for a second and imagine the ideal state of Magento in an SAP scenario. The web channel should reflect your ERP business rules in a 1:1 relationship, in real time. Every transaction on the web should conform to those business rules 100%–with minimal effort required from your IT team.

In other words, Magento should automatically reflect your SAP data and business rules—no matter how complex.

Magento SAP Integration | Corevist Makes It Simple

Welcome to Corevist’s Magento/SAP integration.

SAP eCommerce catalog | Corevist, Inc.

Prebuilt, configurable Magento SAP integration.

Corevist is a cloud-based, SAP-integrated B2B eCommerce solution that includes:

  • Magento storefront(s) integrated to SAP
  • Contract pricing by customer from SAP
  • Approval workflows
  • Role-based permissions
  • Full order history from SAP
  • SAP-integrated invoices and ePayments

SAP-certified for S/4HANA and ECC

Built for your ERP


Whether you’re keeping your legacy ERP or planning a migration, we’ve got you covered.
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Whether you’ve already implemented S/4HANA or you’re migrating soon, we’ve got you covered.
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Why Corevist for Magento SAP integration?

No one else takes our approach:

Day One Integrated. Your Magento solution automatically reflects SAP in real time. No need to map integration points, data, or business rules between the two platforms.

✓ Launch it tomorrow. Since our solution is integrated on Day 1, we spend the rest of the project refining the solution for your needs.

✓ We’ve got your back. As a managed provider, we support the entire stack.

Our Magento-SAP integration replaces inefficient processes.

No matter how you take orders today, Corevist’s Magento-SAP integration offers efficiency gains which you can’t get with conventional Magento-SAP connectors.

  • Don’t have a solution: Our Magento/SAP integration eliminates phone/fax/email ordering and manual data entry.
  • Have a solution that’s disconnected from SAP: Our architecture eliminates re-keying of orders into SAP.
  • Have a solution with middleware integration: Our approach eliminates costly middleware systems and maintenance.

So how does it work?

Glad you asked.

Our cloud-based solution interfaces directly with SAP—no middleware required. We bring mission-critical data from SAP to Magento, and we empower Magento to post 100% error-free orders to SAP instantaneously.

We also extend Magento beyond its B2B limitations. With our own order history, invoice history, and ePayments functionality, we cover the entire B2B buyer journey.

Magento SAP Integration | An Architecture Built For B2B | Corevist

Scalable SAP integration for Magento

Bring live SAP data to the web, every step of the customer journey.
For S/4HANA and ECC


Corevist gives your customers rich content, intelligent search, and cross-selling/upselling for related products—all in a beautiful, easy-to-use front end design that’s fully customizable (and, of course, mobile-friendly).

It’s a best-of-breed user experience for your Magento-SAP integration.

SAP eCommerce catalog | Corevist, Inc.
SAP eCommerce cart | Full SAP integration | Corevist, Inc.


Our shopping cart module provides your customers with a crystal-clear window into your SAP ordering rules. With all business rules enforced automatically, users can:

  • Get real-time, personalized pricing and minimum quantities
  • Place orders and request-for-quotes online
  • See real-time availability of products
  • Save shopping carts for frequent reorders
  • Upload carts via CSV for complex orders
  • Configure products through self service through our available CPQ integration


Payment is a critical piece of any web channel. Our e-payments module empowers your users to pay for orders (plus pay down invoices, if enabled) through 100% self-service. Users can pay instantly via credit card, ACH transfer, PayPal, invoice, and more.

With real-time data on their account standing, straight from SAP, users can also pay down outstanding invoices and manage their account. This means they can get their account back in good standing without picking up the phone—and can keep on placing orders.

Account management & order tracking

Our order tracking & account management modules offer 24×7 order status visibility to your customers—regardless of how the order was placed. This functionality fills out your solution with self-service order tracking. Give your current customers, dealers, distributors, and sales reps the ability to:

  • See order history from all channels (Magento, email, phone, fax, EDI, etc.) that are recorded in SAP ERP
  • Track open orders
  • Analyze their purchasing history with you
  • See open invoices and account balances
  • Download and reprint order-related documents

Frequently Asked Questions:

A Magento-SAP integration is a software architecture that passes data back and forth between Magento and SAP. There are two types of Magento-SAP integration: direct, which does not require a third software system; and middleware, which requires a third system sitting between Magento and SAP.

The best architecture for Magento-SAP integration depends on your business needs. In B2C, a simple batch-based architecture is usually sufficient. For complex B2B scenarios involving SAP business rules, you may need a more comprehensive, real-time Magento-SAP integration. This is what Corevist provides.

In the case of Magento and other eCommerce platforms, the answer depends on your needs. Corevist can integrate to SAP via SAP RFC or HTTPS through a variety of configurations, including SAProuter over internet or VPN, RFC over VPN, and HTTPs over VPN or internet.

So let’s integrate Magento & SAP the Corevist way.

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