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Welcome to Corevist.

Our holistic, SAP-integrated commerce solution extends Magento for B2B, filling gaps identified by Gartner.

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, Magento SAP Integration

Magento is a great commerce platform, but it falls short for enterprise B2B needs.

In the latest Magic Quadrant report, Gartner says:

“Although approximately 40% of Magento clients today use the vendor to serve B2B commerce, the platform currently lacks major B2B functions such as out-of-the-box workflow approvals, contract-specific terms and role-based spending limits.”

What’s more, Magento doesn’t include SAP integration, invoice payments, or real-time order status from SAP ERP.

What if you could extend Magento for B2B—PLUS integrate it to SAP?

Imagine connecting ALL the pieces of the puzzle with an enterprise-class solution for Magento SAP integration. You’d get:

  • All the benefits of Magento’s best-in-class user experience
  • Additional B2B functionality not available in Magento
  • No sync problems because Magento is always “on” with SAP data

Magento SAP Integration | Corevist Makes It Simple

Welcome to Corevist’s Magento/SAP integration.

, Magento SAP Integration

Corevist Commerce Catalog with SAP data

We extend Magento for B2B, filling gaps identified by Gartner.

Corevist is a cloud-based, SAP-integrated commerce solution that includes:

  • Magento storefront(s) integrated to SAP
  • Contract pricing by customer from SAP
  • Approval workflows
  • Role-based permissions
  • Full order history from SAP
  • SAP-integrated invoices and ePayments


So how does it work?

, Magento SAP Integration

Glad you asked.

Our cloud-based solution, which includes a Magento catalog, interfaces directly with SAP—no middleware required. We bring mission-critical data from SAP to Magento, and we empower Magento to post 100% error-free orders to SAP instantaneously.

We also extend Magento beyond its B2B limitations. With our own order history, invoice history, and ePayments functionality, we cover the entire B2B buyer journey.

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Magento SAP Integration | An Architecture Built For B2B | Corevist

Magento SAP “integrations” aren’t created equal.

, Magento SAP Integration

, Magento SAP Integration

Considering middleware? Tread carefully.

Middleware-based architecture requires data dupication between SAP, middleware, and Magento, and it can’t extend Magento beyond the B2B limitations identified by Gartner. Potential problems abound with this kind of architecture:

  • Additional portal solution required for invoices, payments, and more
  • High ongoing cost of integration
  • Duplicate IT teams needed (SAP, middleware, Magento)
  • Potential SAP/Magento sync problems can undermine UX

So let’s integrate Magento
& SAP the Corevist way.


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