SAP Ecommerce Solutions

The fastest, most affordable way to benefit from an SAP Ecommerce Integration

SAP E-commerce Solutions

We provide cloud-based, real-time SAP ecommerce integration for:

  • SAP® ECC
  • SAP® All-in-One
  • SAP® R/3
  • SAP® S/4 Hana

Our SAP ecommerce platform is not a stand-alone web channel. It’s a powerful tool that’s fully integrated to SAP in real time. In fact, it allows your customers to self-service their entire B2B relationship through your site – including order placement, status checks, document downloads, and bill pay. Whether orders were originally placed by phone, fax, EDI, or online, your customers can access everything they need, in real-time, through your site.


End-to-End SAP Ecommerce Solutions

A modern SAP ecommerce catalog.

World-class browsing for SAP ecommerce, inspired by the best of B2C. Are your competitors offering rich content, intelligent search, and cross-selling/upselling for related products? Get in the game with an intuitive, easy-to-use front end design that’s mobile-ready and fully customizable. It’s a best-of-breed user experience for SAP-integrated ecommerce.

Need support for configurable products? Our real-time product configurator works within the catalog and cart.

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An intuitive cart for SAP ecommerce.

SAP ecommerce works best with real-time data in the shopping cart. When your SAP business rules are enforced in the cart, your customers get a complete picture of their order. Inventory availability, minimum quantities, quantity rounding, pricing scales, and much more–everything comes from SAP in real time, reflecting your unique business rules.

  • Offer real-time pricing and minimum quantities
  • Let customers place quotes and orders online
  • Offer real-time availability and ATP calculations
  • Offer saved shopping carts for standard reordering
  • Simplify complex orders with bulk CSV file upload
  • Offer self-service product configuration in real time within your SAP ecommerce store

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A flexible SAP ecommerce checkout.

Make life easier for your B2B customers by offering self service payments, order tracking, and account management. With Corevist Commerce, your customers can pay instantly with their preferred payment method:

  • Credit card
  • ACH transfer
  • Standard invoice.

Don’t let account standing get in the way of ecommerce revenue. With Corevist Commerce, your B2B customers can see their account standing in real time, straight from SAP, and pay down invoices through self-service. That way, your customers can keep their accounts in good standing and keep placing new orders.

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A customizable SAP ecommerce dashboard.

Self-service is all about convenience. Regardless of how they placed an order, your customers need 24×7 order status visibility. Corevist Commerce delivers. With real-time order tracking, your SAP ecommerce solution allows customers, sales reps, dealers, and distributors to:

  • Track all open orders regardless of how they were placed (including ecommerce, phone, fax, email, and EDI)
  • Get a transparent view of their purchasing history with your company
  • See account balances and unpaid invoices
  • Download and reprint sales orders and related documents.

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Why SAP e-Commerce?

SAP already houses your ERP data. Now leverage that data for e-Commerce.

Our real-time integration serves your live SAP data in your e-Commerce store. We query SAP for contract pricing, credit limits, inventory, and much more. You have full control over what to display. The result is phenomenal SAP e-Commerce solutions that give you pristine ERP data—and total control of rich content and branding.

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Your Corevist Commerce Journey

Partner with Corevist

We are career SAP professionals. As trusted advisors, we make recommendations on preparing your SAP system for e-Commerce.

Integrate to SAP

With Corevist Commerce, you get real-time integration to SAP for critical business data. Corevist integrates to SAP on Day 1 with real-time order posting.

Launch in 90 days

SAP-integrated ecommerce shouldn’t take 9-18 months. Through our Agile methodology, we finalize your ecommerce implementation within 90 days.

Sleep well with Corevist

Because Corevist manages the entire ecommerce stack, you can rest easy at night. In fact, 1/3 of our clients have no dedicated IT resources supporting our platform.

What this means for you

An e-Commerce solution dovetails perfectly with your existing SAP business processes. For customers who prefer to order via phone, fax, and email, you can leave those avenues open. But SAP e-Commerce can take you anywhere. It’s a blank slate that you can leverage toward multiple business goals:

  • Increase revenue by reaching digital-first customers (Millennials and tech-savvy buyers)
  • Undercut your competition by offering lowest price, real-time inventory availability, and one-click ordering for commoditized products.
  • Offer personalized catalogs to buyers based on the major products they already own.
  • Reduce or eliminate batch updates between eCommerce and SAP with our real-time integration.

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What this means for your customers

At the end of the day, an SAP e-Commerce solution is for your customers. They’re the primary beneficiaries. And we guarantee they’ll love it. Here’s what SAP e-Commerce means for them:

  • 24x7x365 self-service portal allows your customers to buy when they’re ready, from any device.
  • Real-time inventory display assures your customers that the products they need are in stock and ready to ship.
  • One-click reordering for saved orders simplifies the buying process.
  • Personalized catalogs allow your customers to choose from a list of familiar SKUs rather than searching through thousands of SKUs.
  • Our eTrack module allows your customers to track their orders, regardless of placement method, using real-time SAP data.

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SAP Ecommerce Solutions

Turnkey SAP eCommerce

Need heavy lifting in B2B e-commerce? End-to-end solution with real-time SAP data.

  • No staff needed.
  • eCart: All relevant SAP data in your e-commerce shopping cart, in real time.
  • eTrack: Omnichannel order tracking for phone, fax, email, EDI, and web orders.
  • Flexible user hierarchies and assignment of role privileges.
  • 1-day integration – 89 days of customization


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Headless Integration

Full flexibility and control, ready for your developers to integrate to your platform.

  • IT staff doesn’t have to build a DIY solution.
  • No headaches, no costly fixes.
  • Your developers are empowered to build the SAP-integrated e-commerce store that you need.
  • Work with the SI of your choice to install
  • 90-day integration
  • Real-time integration mixed with batch updates.


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We’re disrupting SAP ecommerce.

First and foremost, we’re SAP geeks. We know SAP, and we build e-Commerce solutions that make life easier, not harder, for your IT department.

  • We keep SAP first as the system of record. We don’t duplicate any data from SAP into Magento.
  • We query SAP data in real time and return all error messages. We only allow 100% error-free orders to post to SAP.
  • We map SAP sold-tos and ship-tos to Magento users with minimal maintenance.
  • We advise you on how best to tweak your SAP system for eCommerce exposure.

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Marketing is trying to reach your customers. They love us because we make it so easy for Marketing to do their job.

  • Work with a competitive ecosystem of service providers to customize your Magento storefront.
  • Take full control of branding in your Magento storefront.
  • Integrate e-Commerce with Marketing initiatives like email campaigns and promotions.
  • Easily update product information with rich content.

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The B2B industry has been slow to embrace the digital revolution—but now that’s changing. As Millennials gain a larger share of the workforce, they’re becoming procurement managers and B2B buyers. They expect a B2B e-commerce solution that’s as easy to use as Amazon.

But Millennials aren’t the only reason you should consider launching a B2B e-commerce solution. Embracing e-commerce allows you to future-proof your organization, as well as reach new revenue streams and reduce your cost of doing business. It’s a win-win for everyone.
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A lot of players in the industry get this point backwards. They start with a great e-commerce platform and try to build SAP in after-the-fact.

That doesn’t work.

We take the opposite approach. We start with SAP as your system of record, and we carry that data over into the e-commerce store—live, in real time, via web services. Beware of any vendor who takes the opposite approach. It will cost you time, money, and headaches in the long run.
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You’ve already invested in SAP ERP to manage your business. SAP is your master system-of-record. If you engage a B2B e-commerce solution, how will your e-commerce data interact with SAP? Will you build a stand-alone solution that doesn’t share any data, or an integrated solution with data living in one place and displaying in two?

At Corevist, we strongly recommend integrating your B2B e-commerce solution to SAP. You’ll end up with less data maintenance, which means lower overhead costs and less work for your IT department. Even better, your customers can see real, live SAP data in the e-commerce store—which means they get accurate information for inventory levels, contract pricing, credit limits, and more.
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In the world of B2B e-commerce, not all solutions are created equal. This is especially true when you add the complexity of an SAP integration. As you evaluate the different solutions on the market, ask yourself and your salesman some hard questions:

  • Does the e-commerce solution duplicate transactional data from SAP, or does it serve that data in real time via web services?
  • How much will it cost to sync data continuously between SAP and the e-commerce solution?
  • How much complexity do you need? Force yourself to map your business needs against complexity, and reject all complexity that doesn’t meet your needs.

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You need the power to market to your customers. You need to get in front of them, on the device of their choice, with accurate pricing and detailed product info. And you need to post orders to SAP to relieve the burden on your Sales and Customer Service teams.

As you evaluate e-commerce solutions, consider the impact that a potential solution will have on Sales, Customer Service, and internal operations. E-commerce can simplify your order-to-cash process—but it has to be architected properly.
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The digital revolution signals the end of one-size-fits-all thinking. Your business occupies a unique niche in your industry. Your customers have unique needs, and you have unique value propositions to fulfill them. You need a B2B e-commerce solution that’s flexible, adaptable, and ready to map to your needs and the needs of your customers.

Corevist’s e-commerce solution is just that.

  • Flexible – Engage the apps you need without extra, unnecessary complexity
  • Adaptable – Nothing is set in stone. Your e-commerce solution grows with your business.
  • Put your customers first – Offer the features and functionality that your customers need. This makes you easier to do business with.

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What are you waiting for?

Are you just starting to investigate SAP e-Commerce solutions? Are you ready to transform your business with e-Commerce? Wherever you’re at in your e-Commerce journey, we want to hear from you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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