Need an SAP B2B eCommerce portal?

Corevist Commerce enforces all relevant SAP business rules automatically. It’s the SAP B2B portal you need for seamless transactions with your distribution channel.

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SAP B2B eCommerce makes life easier for your distribution partners

Everyone wants an easier way to buy from manufacturers.

Yet many manufacturers fall into 1 of 2 buckets when it comes to SAP B2B eCommerce:

  • Frustrated. Broken integration has crushed an existing SAP B2B eCommerce solution.
  • Never attempted eCommerce. Manufacturer still depends on phone/fax/email for all customer interaction.

What if you could overcome these obstacles with an SAP B2B eCommerce solution built specifically for manufacturers?

What if your distribution partners could do business with you through SAP B2B eCommerce?

Imagine giving your distribution channel an SAP B2B eCommerce portal to handle all their needs for order placement and account management:

  • Browsing & purchasing (SAP business rules enforced)
  • Instant order placement (SAP business rules enforced)
  • Order status from SAP, plus real-time carrier updates
  • Real-time credit status from SAP, plus self-service invoice payment

B2B eCommerce for SAP | Transform your interaction with dealers and distributors

Welcome to Corevist Commerce.


SAP B2B eCommerce Solution | Corevist Commerce

SAP B2B eCommerce that’s actually built for manufacturers.

Corevist isn’t made for retailers. It’s made for you.

With prebuilt, configurable SAP B2B integration, PLUS an easy user experience, Corevist Commerce is tailored around the needs of your distribution partners.

It’s the SAP B2B eCommerce solution you’ve been looking for.

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The SAP B2B portal you need.

Your dealers, distributors, & retailers get an intuitive B2B eCommerce experience with full SAP integration. Corevist automatically enforces all your relevant business rules from SAP in the B2B eCommerce experience:

  • Personalized contract/scaled pricing
  • Personalized inventory/ATP calculations
  • Personalized cross-sell/upsell SKU recommendations
  • Personalized SKU substitutions & geographical restrictions

It’s the SAP B2B solution you need to win in the digital age.

SAP B2B eCommerce Cart | Corevist Commerce

SAP B2B Commerce Modules Included:

SAP B2B eCommerce Portals | Modules Included | Corevist, Inc.

Ecommerce that’s built for B2B & SAP

✔ Real-time from SAP:


✔ Instant online ordering


✔ Personalized catalog


✔ Personalized pricing


✔ Personalized discounts/promos


✔ Personalized ATP


• Rich content for products


✔ Requested delivery dates


✔ Alternate units of measure


✔ Order, shipment, & credit status


✔ View/pay open items & invoices


✔ Multiple shipping locations


✔ Multi-customer management


• Related products


✔ Smart SKU subsitution


• Product comparison


• Product reviews


• Clickable parts diagrams (optional)


✔ CPQ configure/price/quote (optional)

SAP B2B Case Study:


  • Agricultural and forestry equipment manufacturer
  • 1001-5000 employees
  • Needed scalable B2B portal solution for SAP ECC 6.0
  • IT staff already at capacity

Blount International needed to launch SAP B2B portals for multiple geographies, with the most efficient architecture they could find. They couldn’t create any new work for IT, which meant an SAP-integrated B2B solution was essential.

Learn how Corevist delivered
325% revenue growth.


1. Browse products, search, & compare

Need the power to merchandise your products and grow revenue from your distributors?

When it comes to product content, Corevist borrows from the best of B2C. Our SAP B2B commerce solution gives your dealers and distributors everything they need to understand, compare, and select products.

SAP B2B eCommerce Portal | Corevist Commerce

When a distribution partner logs in, they see a personalized catalog which displays only the SKUs which they’re allowed to buy. (This product/sold-to mapping comes straight from SAP.)

There are many ways your distribution partner can find products:

  • Full catalog browsing
  • Featured products, banners, & promotions
  • Intelligent product search
  • Related products
  • Previous orders
  • Saved carts

Once your distribution partner finds what they need, it’s time to move on to order placement.

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2. Build and place orders

If SAP B2B eCommerce is going to replace phone/fax/email, it needs to offer 100% accurate information about an order before placement. After all, if your distribution partners can get this info by calling Customer Service, and if your SAP B2B portal can’t provide the info, your buyers have little reason to use the web channel.

Corevist solves this problem with SAP integration.

SAP B2B Portal - eCommerce Shopping Cart | Corevist Commerce

All relevant business rules are enforced in Corevist’s SAP-integrated B2B cart, including personalized rules associated with the user’s sold-to in SAP.

That means users get all the information they need to place orders with confidence:

  • 100% accurate contract pricing
  • 100% accurate quantity-scaled pricing
  • Minimum quantities honored from SAP
  • 100% accurate inventory availability (or personalized ATP calculation)
  • 100% accurate RDD/EDD (if you offer this information)

The cart portion of our SAP B2B portal also supports the needs of “power users”—professional buyers who don’t want to bother with your catalog, but would rather order products by SKU. The Corevist cart offers:

  • SKU-based order entry (with SKU restrictions/permissions enforced by SAP sold-to)
  • Easy cart upload by CSV (great for outputting orders from procurement systems)
  • Easy saved carts (great for frequent reorders)

No matter how the user has built the order, Corevist simulates the order against SAP and returns any error messages, empowering the user to fix the issues. (Corevist posts only 100% error-free orders to SAP.) With an error-free order built in the cart, the user can post the order instantly to your ERP from within the SAP B2B portal.

NEXT: Get order updates and tracking information


3. Track orders from ALL channels

No SAP B2B eCommerce solution is complete without post-order customer care.

For manufacturers, that post-order care generally falls into two categories:

Corevist’s SAP B2B commerce solution includes full order tracking & carrier updates.

SAP B2B Portal - Order Status and Tracking - Corevist Commerce

From the same SAP B2B portal where they place orders, your distribution partners can view their entire order history from SAP—regardless of how they placed the orders.

That includes orders from eCommerce, phone, fax, email, and EDI—whatever channels you use to do business with your customers. If the order exists in SAP, Corevist displays that order (and its full details).

This means your distribution partners can track all their orders through your Corevist SAP B2B portal. They can:

  • See order status for all orders
  • Get shipment status from all orders
  • Get shipment notifications and tracking numbers (full integration with all major carriers)
  • View/reprint order confirmation documents from SAP

With clarity on their order status, your distribution partners are ready to pay down invoices and keep their accounts in good standing.

NEXT: Manage credit & pay invoices


4. Pay invoices & manage account

An SAP B2B portal isn’t complete without self-service credit management.

Here’s where Corevist’s SAP-integrated foundation really shines: Our SAP B2B commerce solution includes full invoice status and history, plus the capability to add self-service electronic payments.

SAP B2B Portal | Invoice Selection and Payment | Corevist Commerce

In other words, your distribution partners can manage their accounts without picking up the phone or sending an email. Corevist’s SAP B2B portal gives them everything they need to keep their account off credit block (so they can go on placing orders):

  • View open items
  • View open invoices
  • View full invoice history
  • View month-end statement
  • View real-time credit status
  • Pay open invoices
  • E-payment methods like credit/debit card, ACH, eCheck, Paypal, & more

Capabilities your internal
stakeholders will love:


Our SAP B2B eCommerce solution gives your Marketing department full control of product content and presentation. That means your Marketing team gets all the tools they need to drive real revenue growth through B2B eCommerce:

  • Configure your product presentation
  • Upload product photos, videos, & rich content
  • Configure your cross-sell/upsell relationships
  • Add downloadable product assets like spec sheets, user manuals, & more

Your Marketing team can control these aspects manually, or through batch sync from SAP. Corevist supports both workflows.

Most manufacturers’ IT teams have enough on their plates already. If B2B eCommerce is going to work, with SAP integration… well, that’s a tall order. You’ll need 3 systems (SAP, B2B eCommerce, and integration middleware) controlling 3 duplicate datasets (your SAP business rules).

Corevist eliminates these issues. Our SAP B2B solution includes prebuilt, configurable integration to your SAP ERP system. We integrate directly, which means no middleware (and no duplicate systems).

In fact, we like to say Corevist functions as a window into your SAP system. Make a change to relevant business rules in SAP, and your B2B eCommerce store will reflect those changes immediately. SAP remains the system of record, and it drives your B2B eCommerce business rules automatically.

Our architecture allows IT teams to stick to their core competency—SAP. Since Corevist’s solution is cloud-based, and since it includes integration, we manage the ongoing health of your SAP integration so you can focus on your business.

In a B2B scenario, transactions are often processed via net 30/60/90 terms. Invoice reconciliation depends on manual processes (and phone/fax/email communication).

Corevist’s SAP B2B portal is designed to alleviate the friction inherent in these processes. It gives your distribution partners access to their full invoice history, invoice status, and credit status. With an optional add-on, Corevist also empowers your distribution partners to select and pay down invoices online, through self-service, with full support for your preferred payment methods (e.g. credit/debit cards, eCheck, ACH transfer, Paypal, and more).

Your Accounts Receivable team will love this.

With customers maintaining their own credit via electronic invoice selection and payment, your ar team is freed up from the minutiae of routine account management. They can focus on higher-value tasks, while your customers enjoy full control of their account standing. With the ability to pay down invoices, they can get their accounts off credit block, which frees them up to go on placing orders.

In 12 years’ experience, we’ve learned that the best SAP B2B web channels are flexible. They’re built not only for customers, but for Sales, too.

Not every market segment or geography is a good candidate for self-service B2B eCommerce. These markets typically depend on in-person meetings between Sales reps and customers. The relationship is key to the customer’s trust, and Sales reps offer a huge asset in reaching these segments.

So why not empower your mobile Sales reps with a B2B portal integrated to SAP?

A solution like this gives your Sales reps everything they need to place orders on behalf of customers:

  • Account selection (all the rep’s assigned customers are mapped from SAP automatically)
  • Personalized catalog for each assigned customer
  • 100% accurate pricing, ATP calculations, & more for each assigned customer
  • On-behalf-of order placement/quote request placement
  • On-behalf-of account management (full order & invoice history for each assigned customer)

Empowered Sales reps are the lifeblood of your business. Give them the SAP-integrated B2B portal they need to delight your customers and grow revenue.

An SAP B2B portal isn’t complete without post-order care.

This is where many B2C-focused eCommerce platforms fall short. Because they weren’t designed for the needs of B2B manufacturers on SAP, they have no OOTB capacity for customer self-service.

Corevist’s SAP B2B solution includes full order history, order status/tracking, invoice history, and more—everything your B2B buyers need from SAP to manage their accounts.

As you transition customers to your SAP B2B portal for routine post-order care, you’ll free up your Customer Service reps (CSRs) to work on higher-value tasks. The result is a more efficient operation (and highly satisfied customers).

Under other models, B2B eCommerce with SAP integration isn’t scalable. If you rely on middleware and custom SAP integration that’s built from the ground up, you’ll have to rebuild that architecture for every separate eCommerce instance.

Corevist is different.

If you have one global SAP instance (or if your separate SAP systems are templatized), you can reuse your Corevist integration architecture in each sales area, geography, or brand where you need to launch a B2B portal with SAP integration.

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