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Sam Bayer


5 Core Values for Personal and Professional Life

If you slice open Corevist, what do you find?  

You find 5 Core Values in everything we do. These are the values to which we hold each other accountable. They’re the values that inform every interaction we have—with each other, with our clients, and with our partners. They define our work ethic and our commitment to excellence.

We developed these values to become the best version of ourselves that we can, which in turn enables us to offer the best SAP eCommerce solution on the planet. Why not share these values with you? You’ll get a glimpse into how our company works—and you might just uncover new strategies you can pursue to achieve excellence in your own endeavors.

Here they are—the 5 Core Values of Corevist.

1. Be Passionate about our clients.

Passion comes from empathy. Our clients are people just like us. They get stressed about work. They could use an extra hour in the day. They need solutions, and they appreciate a human touch. We strive to understand that—to empathize with their struggles and create solutions that make their lives easier. It’s who we are. It’s what we love to do. It’s our passion.

2. Be Professional in everything we do.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards in our work and our conduct towards our clients. If we don’t act with integrity, then we don’t deserve our clients’ business.

Being professional means we are totally upfront with our clients. We are trusted advisors. We suggest the best solution for our clients’ needs, regardless of what it means for our bottom line. That’s the essence of professionalism.

3. Be Proactive.

Get it done, and communicate with the stakeholder(s) on the deliverable, regardless of whether it will be done on time or not. Anticipate questions and answer them before they’re asked. Cover all the bases. If you don’t know how to cover all the bases, reach out proactively to get the information you need or engage the help of an expert. Never be asked for a status update.

In other words, drive our business value forward by owning your responsibilities.

4. Pursue Perfection Pragmatically.

Perfection is the enemy of the good, but we strive for it. The key is an iterative process (pursuing perfection)—but with a cutoff point that keeps the process pragmatic.

What does this mean in practice? It means experimenting, gathering data, and using it to make decisions that will improve the next iteration. It’s reflected in our Focus Group Method (the way we show clients a first look at their implementation and ask, “Why can’t we launch this today?”). It’s reflected in the Corevist Quarterly Release Cycle, which gives us a framework for the continual improvement of our core product.

In other words, the pragmatic pursuit of perfection is woven into everything we do.

5. Protect our Scalable Lifestyle Business.

As a virtual company, we’re especially equipped to help our employees and our clients thrive. Working from home allows our team to set their own schedules (within reason! 😊 ). That means a better work/life balance, and time with family at the right time. The benefits of these freedoms might seem counterintuitive, but they shouldn’t be. When people are happy, their work improves. That’s at the core of our model—and it absolutely translates into better value for our clients.

But our status as a Scalable Lifestyle Business is always vulnerable. The gauntlet lands in front of each of us—to protect this lifestyle by living out our other 4 Core Values. We must stay innovative, stay profitable, and stay healthy. And above all, we must work as a team.

The Takeaway

Our values aren’t going anywhere. This company was founded on them, and each member of the team has been evaluated against these values. We hold each other and ourselves accountable to them. I hope you’ve gleaned something from our values—something you can apply to your own job, or even your personal life. At the end of the day, the buck stops with each one of us. Onward!