Salesforce SAP Integration

Two platforms working together

B2B manufacturers and distributors are increasingly seeking best-of-breed solutions. That means a growing demand for Salesforce-SAP integrations that share data between Salesforce and SAP in real time. An SAP-Salesforce integration ensures efficient data management, consistent data across departments, and a simplified order-to-cash process.

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Salesforce-SAP Integration: Bringing together the best of both platforms.

Why a Salesforce SAP integration? Because each platform is the top performer in its market. You demand the best. Now why not integrate best-of-breed platforms so they work together? Your Sales staff can see real-time SAP data in Salesforce. Likewise, your customers can see real-time SAP data in the eCommerce store–and they can enter request-for-quotes and/or orders, which show up immediately in Salesforce and SAP.

One software ecosystem, working harmoniously for your business.

Salesforce SAP Integration Highlights


A major manufacturer of dental supplies is engaging Corevist to bridge the gap with an SAP-Salesforce integration. The company is using Salesforce Community to sell services and programs to dental hygienists and dental practices. Corevist web services take the sales from Salesforce, book them in SAP, and push any relevant SAP data back to the end user. The result is technology that enables the natural sales cycle in the dental products market. Dentists and hygienists get what they need, and our client gets the right data booked into Salesforce and SAP.


One of our clients, a manufacturer of composites, wanted a Salesforce SAP integration that connected CRM, variant configuration in SAP, and e-commerce. They wanted customers to be able to log in the e-commerce store, configure a product with varying attributes, and place a request-for-quote. That solution needed to post to Salesforce and SAP via Corevist web services–a modern solution for the omnichannel world of B2B manufacturing.


A global manufacturer of paint wanted to connect painting contractors with B2C sales opportunities. They needed a Salesforce SAP integration to get it done. Sounds complex? It was. Our solution? A hybrid B2-B2-C mobile app that integrates all relevant systems. The B2C customer requests a paint job, a contractor accepts the job and offers a quote (which is placed in SAP and Salesforce via the integration), and the final sale goes through eCommerce into SAP. One app, 3 parties, and 2 major software systems, all working together.

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